Colleen – Personal Branding Shoot in Franklin, TN

Colleen is a professional in the music industry here in Nashville. I’ve photographed her several times, but this time she came to me wanting something a little different…images outside of the suit and office…personal branding images she could share on social media to connect professionally with artists and potential clients. We chose Harlinsdale Farm since most of her clients are in the country music genre. It was a fun [but cold] afternoon at Harlinsdale Farm in Franklin. Even though the sun didn’t choose to join us until the very end, I love what we were able to capture.

Chris Janson Days Afield & Opry Nights – Cover Story Shoot for Covey Rise Magazine, October 2019 Issue

Several months ago I had the opportunity to photograph a day in the life of Chris Janson and family at their farm here in Franklin, TN, then later that evening backstage before his performances at the Grand Ole Opry. Kelly and Chris Janson were kind and gracious hosts as we spent all day on their land, in their home and in their dressing room at the Opry getting a peek inside their life as country music artist and manager juggling celebrity life with real life.

Watching Chris and his son Jesse fish together reminded me of something my husband has always told me about his time hunting with our son…”The outdoor lifestyle is never just about the activity. So many real and meaningful conversations about life happen around a pond, in a field and in the woods.” It was clear that his outdoor experiences greatly influence and feed his creativity as an artist. It was a pleasure to see more of his story through my lens.

Don’t miss the behind the scenes video of our shoot on the Janson farm at the end of this post. Such Good Vibes and a fun day on the job! Thanks to the fine folks at Covey Rise for the assignment. It’s a privilege to have my images in such a beautiful publication.

Here’s a Behind The Scenes video from our cover story shoot at the Janson family farm in Franklin, TN.

Nashville Symphony Fashion Show Featuring Zac Posen & Kelsea Ballerini

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing the 2017 Nashville Symphony Fashion Show presented by Gus Mayer. The sold out show’s featured designer was Zac Posen and his Fall 2017 Collection. I chose several favorites (noted below) that I need to find an excuse to wear! They were all stunning! Country music star, Kelsea Ballerini performed. She’s adorable, bubbly, down to earth and obviously grateful to be where she is today. Two special guests attending the event were Thomas Rhett and Savannah Chrisley. Here are some of my favorite images from a fun evening in Nashville…

Zac Posen and Kelsea Ballerini








Nashville Symphony Chairs


Savannah Chrisley and Allison DemarcusHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-30_-WEB.jpg

Savannah Chrisley


Zac & Kelsea recording a spot for CMT’s Hot Twenty


Backstage preparations for the runway show



Gus Mayer leadership awaiting the start of the show




One of my favoritesHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-279_-WEB.jpgHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-283_-WEB.jpgHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-297_-WEB.jpgHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-301_-WEB.jpgHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-308_-WEB.jpgHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-311_-WEB.jpgHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-314_-WEB.jpgHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-317_-WEB.jpgHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-319_-WEB.jpgHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-330_-WEBHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-335_-WEBHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-341_-WEB.jpgHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-353_-WEB.jpgHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-356_-WEB.jpgHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-368_-WEB.jpgHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-378_-WEB.jpgHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-386_-WEB.jpg


Another one of my favorites. I love a one shoulder dress. And this silhouette!HDP-Gus-ZacPosen-403_-WEB.jpgHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-405_-WEB.jpg

Another favorite. Swoon. Love the drama.HDP-Gus-ZacPosen-409_-WEB.jpgHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-424_-WEB.jpgHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-433_-WEB.jpgHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-439_-WEB.jpgHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-444_-WEB.jpgHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-446_-WEB.jpgHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-450_-WEB.jpgHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-454_-WEB.jpgHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-465_-WEB.jpgHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-467_-WEB.jpgHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-469_-WEB.jpgHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-481_-WEB.jpgHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-483_-WEB.jpgHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-484_-WEB.jpgHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-492_-WEB.jpgHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-497_-WEB.jpgHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-502_-WEB.jpgHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-508_-WEB.jpgHDP-Gus-ZacPosen-515_-WEB.jpg



Fall Break Fun – Exploring Nashville and the Music City Murals

It’s my kids’ first Fall Break living in Nashville, so my 13 year old daughter had two of her Birmingham friends up for the long weekend. Yesterday afternoon we decided to do a little exploring. I gave them a 3 hour tour to some of my favorite spots, finding murals as we made our way through Music City. I love this town! There’s always something fun to do and see!

Here’s a few of the shots I took along our way and I’ll share the locations, just in case you are planning a visit to Nashville soon…

House of Blues Studios | 518 East Iris Drive 

hdp-nashvillemurals-17hdp-nashvillemurals-21I saw this mural and immediately heard the intro to Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Crossfire. It took me back to a day when my husband and I were in our 20s, before kids, when we test drove a Jeep to that song…really loud…sunroof open…windows rolled down. We bought that Jeep. Maybe just for its good sound system. hdp-nashvillemurals-22hdp-nashvillemurals-10hdp-nashvillemurals-12


12 South Flower Market and October Pumpkin Patch | 2501 12th Avenue South hdp-nashvillemurals-46hdp-nashvillemurals-45hdp-nashvillemurals-40hdp-nashvillemurals-28hdp-nashvillemurals-37hdp-nashvillemurals-43

Also in 12 South area beside Green Pea Salon |
2900 12th Ave South

(There’s also a really colorful flower wall across from this one,
but the sun was way too bright on it to shoot at the time we were there.)


Also on 12 South in alley next to Draper James
(Reese Witherspoon’s Clothing Boutique)

The Gulch | Between Music Row & Downtownhdp-nashvillemurals-56

East Nashville on the side of the Joyner & Hogan Printers building | 600 Main Street 

hdp-nashvillemurals-60hdp-nashvillemurals-59bwMe and my girl…


Printers Alley | Downtown Nashville between Third and Fourth Avenues,
running from Union Street to Commerce Street.

Note: I don’t suggest doing this one after dark with kids.
Best done in the afternoon before the night life picks up. 😉

Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge | Shelby Street

I love this spot because you get great 360 degree views of downtown Nashville, Nissan Stadium Home of the Titans Football Team, Ascend Amphitheater and the Cumberland River, Riverfront Park and Cumberland Park.


This brings us to the end of our afternoon exploring Nashville. We were running out of daylight and ready for dinner. There are many more murals all over the city, but we’ll save those for another day and later post.