Leipers Fork’s newest shop, Moo Country, owned by Dawn Ann Billings Ritter [Published in Nashville Lifestyles Magazine, December 2018]

I met Dawn Ann through a mutual friend. She’s this super cool, urban cowgirl with her own flair and spin on refined western style. She’ll even trick out your Louis Vuitton by adding some fringe.

Dawn Ann recently moved to Nashville from their ranch in Montana, with her musician husband and their daughter. Dawn Ann, a model and actress, owns Moo Country in Red Lodge, Montana and just just opened her second store here in historic Leipers Fork, Tennessee. Much of what she sells are her own designs. Check out a few items from Moo Country featured in the gift guide in the current issue of Nashville Lifestyles Magazine [December 2018].

Moo Country and Dawn Ann Ritter, Photographed in Leipers Fork TN by Heather Durham PhotographyMoo Country and Dawn Ann Ritter, Photographed in Leipers Fork TN by Heather Durham PhotographyHDP-MooDawnAnn-22.jpg








Moo Country and Dawn Ann Ritter, Photographed in Leipers Fork TN by Heather Durham Photography


Grand Belle Meade Estate Designed by the late Edwin A. Keeble [Published Nashville Lifestyles Magazine, October 2017]

Take a peek inside this 12,000 square foot grand Belle Meade estate featured in the November issue of Nashville Lifestyles Magazine. And, this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for a later post of the outdoor living spaces including the screened porch, gardens, pool and pool house, all designed for entertaining.HDP-NLOct2017-BrownBelleMeadeHome-13_-WEB.jpg


100 Year Old Belle Meade Beauty and Garden Retreat [Published in Nashville Lifestyles Magazine, August 2017]

It’s not every day that you get to see a 100 year old home in this pristine condition. I entered the long curved driveway and was greeted with a sprawling plush green lawn and a canopy of hardwoods framing my glimpse of this beautiful Belle Meade home. I got out of my car to take a few shots from the driveway and could hear music playing from the gardens…a nice soundtrack to my work day. This lovely home in its beloved Nashville neighborhood is full of history. If only the walls could talk…
















Nashville Lifestyles Influencers Event Reigniting a Fire Within

This morning I attended the Nashville Lifestyles Influencers event, hoping to be meet new people in the business community and be inspired, in addition to supporting Music’s City magazine that has been so kind to welcome me and my work onto their pages.

Nashville is an exhilarating city. There’s always something exciting going on. Three miles down the road from our neighborhood, Brad Paisley might be filming a music video in the square and all of Franklin is invited. Or, we might go out on a date night and find out there’s a free pop up Jason Aldean concert in the park, or walk down the street after dinner to The Listening Room and Charles Esten is playing. Sit in Frothy Monkey with your morning coffee and head buried in your laptop and a music deal might be going down at the table right next to you. All of this can happen in a normal Nashville day and no one bats an eye. But, in addition to all of the excitement in this city of dreamers, the people here are just plain nice, encouraging and creatively collaborative. They have big ideas just like you and me. The key difference for this city, is Nashvillians all want to be a part to helping you make that dream a reality, whether you’ve lived here all of your life or for just a few months. It doesn’t matter.

This morning a panel of some of Nashville’s most influential business people generously shared some of their wisdom and what paved the roads to their success. The panel included Butch Spyridon, President and CEO of the Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau, Tom Morales, Founder of TomKats Hospitality Group, which caters box office hit movie sets and many of the major restaurant establishments in the city, Sally Williams, Vice President and General Manager at Ryman Auditorium, Patrick Woodyard, Co-founder and CEO of Nisolo and Chloe Wen, a Lifestyle Blogger.

Here’s my take aways/favorite quotes from this morning’s inspiring discussion. Maybe they’ll inspire and encourage you to keep on dreaming, just like they did me. And, then let’s see how we can apply these motivating philosophies to our own emerging careers.

NL: What makes Nashville so special?

Butch Spyridon, Nashville CVB: “Nashville has a soul, you can just feel it. There’s a creative thread here. Dare to try, there will always be critics. Have a spirit of cooperation.”

Sally Williams, Ryman Auditorium: “Rising tides raise all boats. Competitors come together to work for the whole.”

Chloe Wen, Lifestyle Blogger: “It doesn’t feel like there’s walls between people here.”

Tom Morales, TomKats Hospitality: “Nashville’s history and being true to it.”

NL: What was the trajectory moment in your career?

Butch Spyridon, Nashville CVB: “Taking risks even though there were critics. Start with a blank canvas. Be deliberate and intentional. The risks I took were pursuing an NFL team and NHL team, building the New Years Eve event which is now one of the largest in the world, and building the Music City Center. These all have paid off. The flood here taught me the most in my career about this city.”

Sally Williams, Ryman Auditorium: “Following my instincts. Choosing a music community and taking the job at Ryman. 3 Promises I made to myself when I took the job at Ryman: 1) Be mindful of what you are doing to stay true to the history and so that it will resinate today and 100 years from now as it did 100 years before. 2) Subscribe to the “All are Welcome” philosophy. and 3) Strive to create the best experience possible.”

Chloe Wen, Lifestyle Blogger: “Following my passion and instincts even though it meant quitting college. That was a huge risk.”

Patrick Woodyard, Nisolo: “Followed my instinct to start this company, establish a factory in Peru and consider the environmental and human impact of the fashion business to push the industry in a new direction. I never want to feel like I’ve arrived. Stay in the trenches and remember it’s the journey. Use your gifts and resources and surround yourself with people of the same vision and goals. FOCUS. Put too much attention on your competitors and you’ll be blind to your potential success. Be all in on the journey.”

Tom Morales, TomKats Hospitality: “I took a risk and bought a food truck when no one knew what a food truck was. I learned how to feed 1500 on a movie set in 20 minutes, which had never been done before and saved the production company lots of money. Hospitality is the core of any business. Take what someone else does and innovate to do it better. Have compassion. Treat people with respect.”

Question from Crowd: What would you tell your younger self?

Butch Spyridon, Nashville CVB: “Shut up and listen. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Make sure you know how to write. It [the written word] still matters.”

Sally Williams, Ryman Auditorium: “It’s okay to make mistakes. Amazon has made a ton, but the successes have far outweighed them.”

Chloe Wen, Lifestyle Blogger: “It’s okay to make mistakes. Move on. You are right where you need to be right now. Don’t compare yourself to others.”

Patrick Woodyard, Nisolo: “Who you surround yourself with is extremely important. Try to find people that are humble, hungry and smart…in that order. Trust your instincts. Focus. Things you say no to are more important than the things you say yes to. Slim down the choices and reduce the noise.”

Tom Morales, TomKats Hospitality: “Listen to your parents & intuition. Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want. ‘Dress me slowly, I’m in a hurry.’ Slow down and don’t be impulsive. Experience and intuition will tell you what to do.”

NL: What is the next big revolution for Nashville?

Butch Spyridon, Nashville CVB: “Nurture the creativity. Protect the history. Preserve the culture for the future.”

Tom Morales, TomKats Hospitality: “Hospitality resurgence and elevated customer experiences.”

I don’t know about you, but what they each had to say really resonates with me, especially being new to Nashville and moving my business after being established in Birmingham for 14 years. I often find myself creatively ancy, a myriad of photography ideas swirling around in my head, anxious to begin the next project. Some days the task of starting over to establish myself in an even bigger city feels overwhelming and I can get discouraged (I’m rereading, and post-it noting the quote about it being a marathon, not a sprint); but today I had a new fire lit underneath me. Thank you Nashville Lifestyles for helping to reignite that fire. Excited for what’s to come…



Above: Publisher, Brian Barry NL publisher and the Influencers Panel


Above: Heather (right) with Logan (left), a fellow photographer friend and also a Franklin resident.















Brentwood, TN Home by Jonathan Savage Interior Design [Nashville Lifestyles At Home Magazine Cover Story, Spring Summer 2017]

Savage Interior Design, was recently named Best Design Firm by the Nashville Lifestyles’ Home Awards, and I was able to see Jonathan Savage’s incredible talent first hand, while shooting one of the Brentwood Homes he designed. The images of this lovely home are featured in the current issue and on the cover of Nashville Lifestyles At Home magazine.

It’s a real testament to Nashville and its friendly, welcoming and encouraging creative community, that I was given the opportunity to shoot my first cover for one of Music City’s magazines after living here only 8 months. I’ve always enjoyed shooting editorial work, especially for my home town. It’s such a great way to really get to know the city where you live work and play and the people and places that make it unique.

Be sure to pick up a copy of Nashville At Home on newsstands to read the story about this Brentwood beauty.



Nashville Lifestyles At Home Cover

It was a privilege and a pleasure to photograph Nashville Designer of the Year, Jonathon Savage of Savage Interior Design and his client’s beautiful Brentwood home, featured on the cover of the current issue of Nashville Lifestyles Magazine At Home. More images of this home to come in a later post. In the meantime, be sure to grab a copy of the spring/summer issue now. You don’t want to miss it.

NLAH 03.17 Cover hi reswithdropshadow


Newly Goods [Nashville Lifestyles Magazine, February 2017]

Newly, is a Nashville based eCommerce venture created by five local entrepreneurs. Their home products are 100% recycled with clean and modern styling. I photographed the owners and some of their products for an article in Nashville Lifestyles Magazine‘s February 2017 issue. I’m thrilled to be shooting for my new hometown magazine after living here for only 6 months and grateful for the opportunity to get to know Nashville even better through my lens.

You can read more about Newly’s mission in the article here.HDP-NL-Newly-12_-WEB.jpgHDP-NL-Newly-8.jpgHDP-NL-Newly-18_-WEB.jpgHDP-NL-Newly-21_-WEB.jpgHDP-NL-Newly-26_-WEB.jpgHDP-NL-Newly-28_-WEB.jpgHDP-NL-Newly-1.jpg