The Reason for my Work Travel to Europe in 2016 – A Much Bigger Picture than Photography

hdp-lt-london-914(Larry Taunton pictured with Jay Smith at Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park, London)

I’m not sure I can adequately put into words what a privilege and a pleasure it has been to shoot for Larry Alex Taunton and Fixed Point Foundation this past year…but I’ll try. Traveling to New York, France and London (blog post coming soon) with he and his staff to shoot PR work for the promotion his book The Faith of Christopher Hitchens, his apologetics work, student apologetics institute, European tours and ministry worldwide, from an insider’s view, has opened my eyes. It’s allowed me to step outside of my “Bible Belt Bubble” to a bigger world view of what it means to defend the faith and gospel in which I so strongly believe and is under attack. And, the bonus to it all is, I’ve learned so much about European history from the very best tour guide. Watch this 60 second video link below for a glimpse into Larry’s work for Fixed Point in 2016. I know you’ll want to find out more..and maybe even support what they are doing by signing up for a tour or just giving. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them in 2017. Be sure to follow him on twitter @larrytaunton.

Fixed Point 60 Rewind for 2016