Adelaide & Winnie

Haisley and I met years ago when we worked for a magazine publisher. I liked her immediately because she invited me (the new girl) to lunch on my very first day there. I remember thinking that was about the nicest thing you could do for a new employee to make them feel welcome. I loved that job and we have had the best time working together over the years. I’ve photographed Adelaide, but this was my first time to meet Haisley and Carlton’s new little blessing, Winnie. These girls are so sweet, with naturally rosy cheeks and big beautiful blue eyes that catch the light in an amazing way!













Meet Mia

Frances has 9 beautiful grandchildren and she has entrusted me to capture each of them at 2 years old for a gallery in her home. Mia is Frances’ 6th grandchild I have photographed. She was like a little cherub!

Clay all grown up!

Last time I photographed Clay he was barely walking and into everything. Look at him all grown up now! More of this handsome boy later…

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes

How precious are these “girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes”? And how appropriate that they love the movie “The Sound of Music”! It just so happens to be my favorite movie too. I grew up watching it with my grandparents and listening to the record while dancing around their living room pretending I was Liesl. That movie really is a timeless classic…just like heirloom sessions in the gardens!

Hope you enjoy your teasers Ashlee!