A Classic Session of Adorableness!

For several years now, this sweet family drives from Tuscaloosa for me to take their portraits. I consider it such a privilege. Ellie was the first, and now now she is sharing the spotlight with her sisters Ann Barrett and Alex.

After driving in from out of town and battling the rain all afternoon, I hope Ashley sees from the images that it was all worth it! 😉 Glad we finally found our window of opportunity! These girls are as cute as baby dolls, and just as sweet too!

Bennett, Mae and Caroline

Had to post a teaser for my friend Lauren. I have been photographing her girls since they were babies. How cute are they in their Matilda Jane outfits! More to come on the blog soon…

Fran, Jeff, Reece and Edy

Fran is my hair stylist and this is her beautiful family! Reece and Edy are ADORABLE, with eyes like glass…oh and Reece’s dimples just own me! More to come on the blog later. In the meantime, here’s a few teasers for Fran while she waits on me to finish editing her session. Plus, I have an appointment with her tomorrow so I thought sending a few her way might give me an extra good hair day! 😉

Clay all grown up!

Last time I photographed Clay he was barely walking and into everything. Look at him all grown up now! More of this handsome boy later…

The Greiner Family

I love every session I shoot, but then there are some I especially love because everything just falls into place. This was one of those sessions…not to mention the fact that I adore this family! My husband and I met Kelly and KaiVan almost 15 years ago at the gym and have been workout buddies, hunting buddies and friends ever since. It’s true that your gym friends end up being some of your best friends! The temps had cooled off a bit, this location perfectly suited them, kids were perfect, light was A M A Z I N G and we even had their cute dog Beamer come along to be in some of the shots! I must say, all I had to do was bark a little (sigh) and he would look right into the camera! What else could I ask for? Oh, and don’t worry Kelly, the temporary hand tattoos will be gone in your prints…just didn’t have time to remove them for the blog post.

Kelly chasing the dog! She was laughing at me for taking these! 😉

Down on the Farm with Connor, Ella and Colby

I’ve been photographing Christi and Jeremy’s kids since their oldest son, Connor, was just a baby and they lived in Birmingham. That was back in my film days, so it feels like ages ago! Shortly after our first session together they moved to Dothan, yet they’ve always come back here for me to take their pictures. I’m so honored…and quite honestly…shocked! I was still very new at my craft and the business when I photographed Connor as a baby all those years ago. Their first experience was me setting up white backdrops in front of my living room window. Their second experience was me pulling open the garage doors and setting up a backdrop and white rocking chair right inside and on a VERY windy day. Bless them! Maybe they kept coming back because at least they realized I knew where to find the pretty light! 🙂 Thank you Christi for trusting me to capture your beautiful children all of these years. They are just precious! Even though the late summer heat and humidity from pending rain paid us a visit, we had a lot of fun “down on the farm”!

Ella found some feathers and they were her treasure for the afternoon!

Peacock chasing proved to be very fun!

Goat petting was fun until one snorted at Connor! He wasn't sure what to think of it!

How cute is her little personality?!

More cousins!

I have already done several large hand tints of Frances’ grandkids for her home. Now it was Luke and Anna Frances’ turns. We had a beautiful morning for our classic heirloom portrait session at the Botanical Gardens; but as soon as we got there, little Luke did a face plant on the pavement and was bleeding with a skinned up nose, forehead and stubbed toe. 😦 I felt so bad for him! He’s still a cutie pie even with his boo boos though! Once he was alright and we thought we might could still get a few shots in, I assured his Mom that’s not the first time it’s ever happened and that’s what Photoshop is for! Hooray for Photoshop saving the day!

Anna Frances is just precious and has the most angelic little face. She is the third child I’ve photographed for my friend Amanda. I’m so honored! And there’s one more on the way!


Meet Brady, Avery, Virginia and Wynn! It’s obvious these adorable children are not just cousins, but also friends who love being together! They had exploring on their minds and Wynn was climbing in every tree, on every rock and on every arbor he could find! I had a great time spending the morning with them! And they know how to ham it up in front of the camera!

Gettin their sillies out!

Sneak peek from my session with the Jones family

Here’s a little teaser from this afternoon’s session with my friends Valerie, Dean and their cute kiddos. It finally felt like a fall session outside! Makes me happy!

Sara Margaret, Jack and Bo in the studio

I love the simplicity of black & white images of children’s faces on a white background, lit with filtered, natural window light. It’s just magic to me! No props, no scenes, just the kids’ precious features! Definitely one of my all time favorite type of sessions! I’ve always done them, mainly with infants, but just not as many lately. So when Jackie Bee asked me to photograph her children and told me she wanted large, black & white images of her kids’ faces on canvases I was so excited! I had even been pinning some of these type galleries on my Pinterest page lately because I’ve been drawn back to them. I think you will agree with me that her children are just beautiful and the simplicity of these shots is just perfect to highlight their precious features.