Abby in Studio

Had the best time turning my camera on AMAX Model, Abby Cook in studio a few weeks back. Here’s some of my favorites…





















Homewood Cottage by Twin Construction [Featured in B Metro, September 2016 Issue]

It’s always a privilege to shoot a Twin Construction home…they are such great people, who do quality work and have fun while they are doing it. I’m always inspired and walk away wanting to use some elements in my own home…whether it’s unique hardware, gorgeous paint colors, interesting light fixtures or sleek modern lucite counter stools, there’s always a “take home” idea. It’s all in the details. This beautiful Homewood, Alabama cottage is no exception and it’s featured in the September issue of B Metro Magazine. Enjoy!


Dram Whiskey Bar [Published in The Local Palate, November 2015 Issue]

My husband Brad and I often escape together for date nights over a drink and good meal at Avo Restaurant and Dram Whiskey Bar. The owners have been family portrait clients of mine for years, so when they asked me to shoot some images for Dram, I quickly agreed. It was fun to turn my camera on a favorite local spot. And, one of the images was published in the November issue of The Local Palate, the south’s premier food culture magazine, based in one of my very favorite southern cities, Charleston.  Chef Jeremy Ashby picked Dram as one of the top Southern spots for Bourbon. Congrats!

On another personal note, my favorite cocktail at Dram is their signature martini called the Yin-Yang. It’s a deliciously sweet and sour combination of Ketel One, muddled strawberries, balsamic vinegar, and simple syrup. My husband’s favorite is their Moscow Mule. Who’s thirsty?



My Images Published in the Huffington Post!

I’m just now seeing that my images from the Children’s of Alabama Super Heroes, Window Washing event ran in the Huffington Post last week. I’m just a teeny bit excited about it, but even more thrilled that Children’s of Alabama got so much national exposure; so that the hospital can keep doing amazing things for sick kids here in Alabama! Here’s the link to the article and video in the Huffington Post. See a full post of my images here.

Mercedes, Governer Bentley, Coach Nick Saban and a Speed Painter

About a month ago, my friend Butch Dill asked me to photograph an event at Mercedes of Alabama with him as his second shooter. I’ve known Butch since I was in high school, so it’s fun to occasionally get to work together. He shoots national events for the Associated Press (AP) and is an amazing sports shooter. You’ve probably seen alot of his Alabama football images in magazines and newspapers all over the nation. I’m a teeny bit jealous he’s gotten to shoot the Crimson Tide in their National Championship games.

The Mercedes-Benz U.S. International annual meeting was held at the MBUSI plant in Vance, near Tuscaloosa. It was time to bid farewell to the current CEO Markus Schaefer, who was returning to Germany, and welcome his successor, Jason Hoff. As you’ll see below, it was a change to the driver steering the wheel. In addition to the SUVs the plant has been producing, this year it will begin producing the C-Class and a fifth unnamed vehicle. Governor Robert Bentley and The University of Alabama’s head football coach, Nick Saban spoke to the approximately 3,000 employees in attendance. Nick’s speech didn’t disappoint, and it felt very much like a pep talk from a coach to his team, encouraging the Mercedes employees to keep doing a great job that benefits them personally, MBUSI, the community and the state of Alabama.

I learned alot about Mercedes and enjoyed watching the large video screens showing the entire manufacturing process from the point of view of a GoPro camera mounted inside the vehicle. Pretty fascinating! Another highlight for me was the speed painter that completed an entire painting within 5 minutes, while music was blaring in the background. No one knew what he was painting until about the last minute of his work.

A big thanks to Butch for inviting me along! I had a great time getting an insider’s view of Mercedes-Benz.

HDP_3961_WEB.jpg HDP_4188_WEB.jpg HDP_3305_WEB.jpg HDP_3393_WEB.jpg HDP_3416_WEB.jpgHDP_3500_WEB.jpg HDP_3518_WEB.jpg HDP_3441_WEB.jpg
Mercedes of Alabama eventHDP_3654_WEB.jpg