The Murphree Family

I’ve known the Murphree family for years because we were at Briarwood Church together for a while and went on a couple trip to the mountains together. For years I would admire their baby daughter Belle on the nursery hall because she looked like a china doll. I have wanted to get my camera on this family because they are beautiful inside and out and I finally got my chance this fall. All three children are adorable and sweet! I was smitten!

Mary Virginia, Anne Louise & Tucker, a classic session

These adorable children belong to some very dear friends of ours. We’ve known Mandy and Keith since college, so I have loved watching their family grow. Here are a few of the images from our recent classic session at Birmingham Botanical Gardens…

A Classic Session of Adorableness!

For several years now, this sweet family drives from Tuscaloosa for me to take their portraits. I consider it such a privilege. Ellie was the first, and now now she is sharing the spotlight with her sisters Ann Barrett and Alex.

After driving in from out of town and battling the rain all afternoon, I hope Ashley sees from the images that it was all worth it! 😉 Glad we finally found our window of opportunity! These girls are as cute as baby dolls, and just as sweet too!

Sam, Luke & Harper

Lisa and I met through Bible Club at Vestavia West, where our kids are in school. What a sweet family and I hope we get to know each other better as our kids grow up in school together. Here are some images highlighting our session at Aldridge Gardens. These kids are ADORABLE!

And this next series of Lisa and Harper is why I keep my finger on the shutter. 3 very different expressions…love it!

Jack and Emily

I enjoyed meeting Jack and Emily and their mom Jan at Birmingham Botanical Gardens for our classic session together. They even brought along the family dog, which I always love! After all, pets are part of the family too!

The Grissom Family Sneak Peeks

I think all of Birmingham was at Aldridge Gardens this afternoon when I met the Grissom Family there! Seriously! The parking lot was full and there were families spread out all over the gardens having their pictures taken. It was all I could do not to get anyone in the background of our shots! In fact, the family shot I’m posting below had a man walking right into our background! The Grissoms looked so cute and everyone was looking at the camera so I just kept shooting cause I knew I could get our uninvited guest out of the shot later in Photoshop. Here are a few sneak peeks for Beth! I enjoyed meeting your sweet family today.

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes

How precious are these “girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes”? And how appropriate that they love the movie “The Sound of Music”! It just so happens to be my favorite movie too. I grew up watching it with my grandparents and listening to the record while dancing around their living room pretending I was Liesl. That movie really is a timeless classic…just like heirloom sessions in the gardens!

Hope you enjoy your teasers Ashlee!