Fall is booking up quickly / 24 hour cancellation policy

Hey All!

Just wanted you to know that fall is booking up quickly so if you have been thinking about doing a session, please go ahead and email me at heather@heatherdurhamphotography.com or call me at 205-612-9099 to get on the appointment calendar. Remember, Christmas card orders must be placed by Nov 15th!

I also want to notify you of a new policy. In order to service all of my clients and fill spots with those that are on waiting lists for weekend appointment availability, I have established a new 24 hour cancellation and rescheduling policy. This will also help me with fitting in rescheduled appointments due to weather. Please notify me by text, email or phone call within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment time if you need to cancel your appointment or reschedule to avoid having to pay the full session fee. Thanks for understanding and I appreciate your cooperation to help me during these busy times of year where weekend appointments are in high demand.  🙂

I’m enjoying catching up with all of my repeat clients and seeing how your children have grown! I also consider it a huge job perk to meet new families every single year! Thank you all for your interest in my work! I have the best job! 🙂



Amanda Bargainnier Tucker is the WINNER of my location scout contest! Everyone sent in some pretty spots, but hers was unique and undiscovered, which is exactly what I was looking for! Amanda gets a complimentary session there this fall. Be on the lookout for her images when I post them on my blog and facebook page. Thanks to all of you who contributed some great ideas!

CONTEST! Be my location scout and win a complimentary fall session!

Email me ideas for a new location to use this fall. If I choose your spot you will get a complimentary photo session there this fall for being my scout! 🙂 It cannot be Botanical Gardens, Aldridge Gardens, Morris Ave or Oak Mountain State Park’s barn. Other than those let me hear all of your ideas within the Birmingham metro and surrounding areas! Can’t wait to hear from you! Please do not post them on Facebook or this blog or your entry will be disqualified. Email them directly to me at heather@heatherdurhamphotography.com, and if you have pictures, send those too!  May the best scout win! 🙂

New Website Splash Page

I just uploaded a new splash page design for my website, which now includes a link to my new Facebook page. Why the wood background? I love the look of old wood…for my house…in pictures…period. A few issues ago, House Beautiful magazine did an entire issue featuring homes that used reclaimed wood…one of the homes featured was on Lake Martin. It’s in my “dreaming, wishing and saving” stash of magazines that I keep under my bed! Old wood just has this great quality about it…the beat up and stained or painted and peeling kind. So, why not use it on my website too? 🙂

Taking some time off and new Facebook page!

I love summer and I love that my kids are home with me!! I feel like the summer just started and can’t believe it’s already the end of June! I wanted to remind everyone that I’m taking time off during the months of July and August to focus on my kids since June was busier than I had planned. Photography is my part time business (even though I love it full time) and I try very hard to keep my family first. Growing up my precious mom had her own interior design business and she took off during the summer months to be with my brother and me, so I guess in a way I’m just paying that forward. I will still be posting sessions I have not yet finished processing and anything I find myself shooting for fun, so keep in touch.  If you know you want a session in the fall, go ahead and book early by shooting me an email at heather@heatherdurhamphotography.com. I’ll be taking appointments starting mid August for sessions starting in September. In the meantime keep in touch through my blog and Facebook posts. Yes, in addition to my personal Facebook page I finally set up a Facebook page for my business! It’s a little sparse now, because I just set it up tonight and now I’m about to take off for two months, but check it out!


Booked through May

I am booked through May. If you would like to be put on a cancellation list or want to make an appointment for June, please shoot me an email at heather@heatherdurhamphotography.com as soon as possible. As of now, my plan is to take time off during the hot months of July and August while my kids are home with me for summer. I love that time with my children and want to “focus” on them and make the most of it! Thanks for your interest in my work!

My Soundtrack

I always enjoy choosing the slideshow song for each client’s session. Everyone has a soundtrack to their life, don’t you think? Anything put to music is just better! If we could rewind and watch “A Normal Day in the Life of _________” filled with routine tasks, but set to the perfect music for each event, chore and errand, our days would be much more interesting and exciting…just like in the movies! Which reminds me of one of my favorite movies, “The Holiday”. Jack Black plays a composer whose love interest is Kate Winslet. In one scene of the movie they make up little songs to go with their personalities. If you haven’t seen that movie, you must put it on your list of ones to watch! 🙂

Whenever I’m editing a client’s images after a shoot or hand tinting, I always listen to a music playlist. It’s usually mellow and relaxing so I can take my time and enjoy the process. So I thought I would share it with you. It’s just what I’ve been in the mood for lately…random as usual…and changes frequently.  Check this one out on iTunes!


Stairwell Gallery…Finally!

After years and years of wanting to do it (and waiting until my youngest was a little older and I could represent my children equally), I finally found time over the holidays to put together a stairwell gallery of black and white candids of our family. Is it weird that my stairwell is now my favorite room in the house? I love it because every single photo has a story behind it and makes me smile. I also love it because I can change out and update the photos easily — the backs just pop right off!

For any of you that are interested in doing this in your own home, here’s how I did it:

I used Cottage Living magazine’s (man, I wish it was still in publication) method of laying out the gallery before I started putting nails in my freshly painted walls. I first decided which pictures I wanted to use. Then I looked on Pottery Barn’s website to see all the different variations of sizes and options of their wood gallery frames and determined which photos I wanted in each one. I then cropped and sized the images and had them printed at my lab. After that, I sketched out how I wanted the frames on the walls using different orientations and sizes, with and without mats for interest. From there, I purchased the frames then sat down and traced them out on brown kraft paper. I know it sounds like a lot of effort, but I would have swiss cheese looking walls from all the wrong nail holes if I hadn’t done that! I was able to masking tape all the kraft paper “frames” on the wall, measuring in between each one to make sure my spaces in between were even, make adjustments and then put a hole for the nail and rip away the paper. Finally it was time to hang the actual framed images. It worked out perfectly! As a finishing touch, I set a level (or your iPhone if you’ve downloaded the handy app) on the top of each image just to make sure everything was hanging straight.

Give it a try! It’s a fun project that will give you years of joy just walking down your stairs every day! A once very sterile and boring stairwell will completely come to life!