100 Year Old Belle Meade Beauty and Garden Retreat [Published in Nashville Lifestyles Magazine, August 2017]

It’s not every day that you get to see a 100 year old home in this pristine condition. I entered the long curved driveway and was greeted with a sprawling plush green lawn and a canopy of hardwoods framing my glimpse of this beautiful Belle Meade home. I got out of my car to take a few shots from the driveway and could hear music playing from the gardens…a nice soundtrack to my work day. This lovely home in its beloved Nashville neighborhood is full of history. If only the walls could talk…
















Published on the Cover of Atlanta Seasons Magazine – Summer 2017

This past April, I enjoyed shooting the Nashville Symphony Fashion show at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center for Gus Mayer Nashville. You can find that post here.  Thank you Atlanta Social Season Magazine for putting us on the cover of your current Summer 2017 issue.



Birmingham Magazine Summer/Fall 2017 Weddings Cover

BhamWeddingsCOVERSummer2017 .jpg

Thanks to the incredibly talented team of friends who made this shoot happen and to Birmingham Magazine for putting us on the cover of their Summer/Fall 2017 Weddings issue. And, if you know me well, you know how happy I am that it’s turquoise!

Be sure to pick up a copy on news stands now, and stay tuned for the full blog post to come…

Photographer: Heather Durham | 1st Assistant: Andi Rice | Stylist: Mary Beth Wetzel | Hair & Make Up: Kerri Bunn of BOMA Beautiful | Models: Anna Kathryn Fitch with Elite and Ellie Martin with NEXT

Brentwood, TN Home by Jonathon Savage Interior Design [Nashville Lifestyles At Home Magazine Cover Story, Spring Summer 2017]

Savage Interior Design, was recently named Best Design Firm by the Nashville Lifestyles’ Home Awards, and I was able to see Jonathon Savage’s incredible talent first hand, while shooting one of the Brentwood Homes he designed. The images of this lovely home are featured in the current issue and on the cover of Nashville Lifestyles At Home magazine.

It’s a real testament to Nashville and its friendly, welcoming and encouraging creative community, that I was given the opportunity to shoot my first cover for one of Music City’s magazines after living here only 8 months. I’ve always enjoyed shooting editorial work, especially for my home town. It’s such a great way to really get to know the city where you live work and play and the people and places that make it unique.

Be sure to pick up a copy of Nashville At Home on newsstands to read the story about this Brentwood beauty.


Beautiful Homewood Remodel by Twin Construction [Featured in Birmingham Home & Garden magazine May/June 2017]

It’s always a pleasure to shoot for my friends at Twin Construction in Birmingham, AL. This home was especially fun to photograph, since I know Rachael, the owner and love her personal style. Laurie Fulkerson, interior designer for Twin, did an exceptional job capturing and bringing Rachel and Dax’s style and personalities into the details of the home design. My favorite elements? The incredible black crocodile wallpaper in the study (slight obsession), the luxurious blue velvet sofas in the living room, the butlers pantry filled with natural light, the steel folding doors that open the dining room onto the screened porch for indoor/outdoor entertaining and finally the perfectly organized master bedroom closet with lighted shelving. There’s so much more…Pick up a copy of Birmingham Home & Garden to read the story behind this amazing Homewood (Edgewood) remodel.






Nashville Lifestyles At Home Cover

It was a privilege and a pleasure to photograph Nashville Designer of the Year, Jonathon Savage of Savage Interior Design and his client’s beautiful Brentwood home, featured on the cover of the current issue of Nashville Lifestyles Magazine At Home. More images of this home to come in a later post. In the meantime, be sure to grab a copy of the spring/summer issue now. You don’t want to miss it.

NLAH 03.17 Cover hi reswithdropshadow


New Studio Work

Excited to share some new black & white studio work with a moody vibe.

Model: Ashley Owens, Nashville TN


Newly Goods [Nashville Lifestyles Magazine, February 2017]

Newly, is a Nashville based eCommerce venture created by five local entrepreneurs. Their home products are 100% recycled with clean and modern styling. I photographed the owners and some of their products for an article in Nashville Lifestyles Magazine‘s February 2017 issue. I’m thrilled to be shooting for my new hometown magazine after living here for only 6 months and grateful for the opportunity to get to know Nashville even better through my lens.

You can read more about Newly’s mission in the article here.HDP-NL-Newly-12_-WEB.jpgHDP-NL-Newly-8.jpgHDP-NL-Newly-18_-WEB.jpgHDP-NL-Newly-21_-WEB.jpgHDP-NL-Newly-26_-WEB.jpgHDP-NL-Newly-28_-WEB.jpgHDP-NL-Newly-1.jpg

Shooting & Touring the French Countryside with Author, Larry Taunton & Fixed Point Tours

I’m excited to finally blog about my trip to the South of France last summer, shooting for author, Larry Taunton. In case you missed my last post about Larry and our trip to NYC, I’ll include his bio again. Larry is an American author, columnist and cultural commentator. A frequent television and radio guest, he has appeared on CNN, CNN International, Fox News, Al Jazeera America, and BBC. You can find his columns on issues of faith and culture in The AtlanticUSA Today, CNN.com, and The Blaze. Mr. Taunton has been quoted by Rush Limbaugh, The New York TimesThe Chicago Tribune, TIME, Vanity Fair, and NPR, among others. He is the author of The Grace Effect and The Faith of Christopher Hitchens.

Mr. Taunton is also the founder and executive director of the Fixed Point Foundation. In that role he has debated such high profile atheists as Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennett, and Michael Shermer as well as Muslim cleric Zaid Shakir. He has organized or chaired debates on science, religion, and ethics at Trinity College, Oxford University; The Edinburgh International Festival; the Melbourne Town Hall in Melbourne, Australia; Princeton University; and the Oxford Museum of Natural History. He currently divides his time between the United States and Europe.

Larry and I met because of some work I had shot for his friends Rick and Sherri Burgess. He was in the process of rebranding and revising his website and needed P.R. images of his work in Birmingham and Southern France. I jumped at the opportunity. Not only would I get to see France through my camera lens, but I would also see the work of Larry’s ministry there and benefit from being with the best tour guide, who has a vast knowledge of European history.

I brought along my good friend and fellow photographer, Emily Kicklighter, as my assistant and travel companion. Can’t think of anyone else I’d rather do work travel with. She so much fun and keeps me laughing all the time!

Larry, his family, staff and The Fixed Point Institute students were the perfect hosts at the grand French estate, which was once owned by one of Napolean’s generals, Jean-de-Dieu Saoult, who later became a Prime Minister of France. Guests are quite comfortable in the well appointed rooms, furnished with Country French antiques. The gardens are a wonderful place to lounge, read or take a nap in the hammock. We enjoyed the gorgeous scenery, excursions to nearby villages, historical tours, delicious food and interesting conversation…all in the name of work! Have camera…will [gladly] travel! And, you can experience this amazing experience in the French Countryside as well! Find out how at the end of this post.

001-hdp-frtaunton-838_-web002-hdp-frtaunton-117_-web003-hdp-frtaunton-16_-web006-hdp-frtaunton-3_-web014-hdp-frtaunton-126_-web004-hdp-frtaunton-125_-web013-hdp-frtaunton-54_-web009-hdp-frtaunton-129_-web007-hdp-frtaunton-29_-web010-hdp-frtaunton-342_-web011-hdp-frtaunton-203_-web012-hdp-frtaunton-206_-web008-hdp-frtaunton-118_-web015-hdp-frtaunton-62_-web016-hdp-frtaunton-76_-web017-hdp-frtaunton73_-web019-hdp-frtaunton-70_-web018-hdp-frtaunton-72_-web020-hdp-frtaunton-64_-web021-hdp-frtaunton-210_-web022-hdp-frtaunton-95_-web023-hdp-frtaunton-97_-web024-hdp-frtaunton-140_-web025-hdp-frtaunton_-web026-hdp-frtaunton-82_-web027-hdp-frtaunton-85_-web028-hdp-frtaunton-91_-web029-hdp-frtaunton-93_-webFresh french roses, hydrangeas and lavender, all on property, are clipped and used in vases as centerpieces for long and relaxing dinners al fresco.030-hdp-frtaunton-171_-web031-hdp-frtaunton-160_-web032-hdp-frtaunton-161_-web033-hdp-frtaunton-180_-web034-hdp-frtaunton-1379_-web Step out the back iron gates of the estate, and go for a walk or take a jog on the path that meanders for miles through villages and rural farmland.Or, take the winding road above it to the gorgeous flower covered mountaintop overlooking the villages below. 

(Instagram photo from running trail)fd736955-7626-423d-8ccd-cb933f2c3d0e(Instagram photo from running trail)1081bde9-ad60-469e-9fd5-be7c4d893ac8

(Instagram photo from running trail)fullsizerender

Look at this incredible view!


Our visit to the city of Albi and the largest brick structure in the world, which happens to be the cathedral in the center of this village.037-hdp-frtaunton-556_-web038-hdp-frtaunton-553_-web039-hdp-frtaunton-409_-web040-hdp-frtaunton-501_-web041-hdp-frtaunton-507_-web042-hdp-frtaunton-505_-web043-hdp-frtaunton-514_-web044-hdp-frtaunton-511_-web045-hdp-frtaunton-533_-webAfter spending a day touring nearby villages, it’s back to the estate for a lovely dinner prepared by staff and Fixed Point Institute students. 047-hdp-frtaunton-218_-web048-hdp-frtaunton-233_-webThe French love 2 hour long meals with lots of bread and wine. (Did I mention all the fresh bread from nearby bakeries?! You don’t count carbs while in France! It would be quite rude.) 050-hdp-frtaunton-365_-web049-hdp-frtaunton-227_-web051-hdp-frtaunton149_-web052-hdp-frtaunton-153_-web053-hdp-frtaunton-145_-web056-hdp-frtaunton146_-webhdp-frtaunton-157_-web055-hdp-frtaunton-147_-web057-hdp-frtaunton-148_-web054-hdp-frtaunton156_-webCrepes are a specialty in France, whether savory or sweet, and Larry has mastered the art of crepe making. Here he’s making me a sweet crepe filled with speculoos, which is like cookie butter. Oh so delicious!058-hdp-frtaunton-1005_-web059-hdp-frtaunton-1012_-webLarry’s lovely wife Lauri, daughter Sasha (read The Grace Effect about Sasha’s amazing life story and adoption from Ukraine) and son Chris are delightful hosts.060-hdp-frtaunton-855_-web061-hdp-frtaunton-870_-web062-hdp-frtaunton-1185_-webDuring the day, Fixed Point Institute students attend seminars, led by Larry and guest speakers, in the upstairs classroom. When they aren’t in the classroom, students work on projects around the house and on the property, cook, clean guest rooms, read and study.

067-hdp-frtaunton-982_-web068-hdp-frtaunton-985_-web069-hdp-frtaunton-994_-web070-hdp-frtaunton-996_-web065-hdp-frtaunton-1024_-web063-hdp-frtaunton1033_-web064-hdp-frtaunton-1038_-web066-hdp-frtaunton-1202_-webhdp-labastide-1343hdp-labastide-1072hdp-labastide-1291hdp-labastide-1111046-hdp-frtaunton-1047_-webhdp-labastide-1048072-hdp-frtaunton-274_-web073-hdp-frtaunton-253_-web074-hdp-frtaunton-271_-web075-hdp-frtaunton-254_-webI looked forward to visiting nearby villages each day. When I could get a minute of spare time, I would sneak away looking for unique doors and shutters to photograph. The soft palettes, muted colors and perfect patinas in southern France are amazing! It’s quite different than Paris. Paris has more formal architecture, whereas southern France is more rural and buildings living is more quiet, casual and relaxed. If you were following my trip on Instagram or Facebook while I was there, you know that 6 out of the 7 days we were in Southern France, we did not have our luggage! We got very good at rinsing out clothes in the sink and leaving them to dry on the window ledge. We also borrowed clothes from some of the staff and students until we could purchase a few necessities when we went into town. Quite the adventure! We were glad (and relieved) when our luggage arrived the day before Emily and I left for Paris. 
076-hdp-frtaunton-408_-web085-hdp-frtaunton-462_-web080-hdp-frtaunton-420_-web079-hdp-frtaunton-418_-web084-hdp-frtaunton-563_-web077-hdp-frtaunton443_-web093-hdp-frtaunton-428_-webhdp-lassiter-5_-webI spotted this house with orange shutters and cute little truck as we were driving up the very windy Black Mountain. I begged for us to stop just long enough for me to grab these shots. 088-hdp-frtaunton-464_-web089-hdp-frtaunton-465_-web090-hdp-frtaunton-414_-web081-hdp-frtaunton-422_-web091-hdp-frtaunton-452_-web086-hdp-frtaunton-466_-web087-hdp-frtaunton-415_-web096-hdp-frtaunton-1383_-web083-hdp-frtaunton-470_-web095-hdp-frtaunton-1358_-web094-hdp-frtaunton-1382_-web082-hdp-frtaunton-458_-web092-hdp-frtaunton-471_-web097-hdp-frtaunton-430_-web098-hdp-frtaunton-436_-web099-hdp-frtaunton-760_-web100-hdp-frtaunton-448_-web101-hdp-frtaunton445_-webThe medieval fortress of Carcassonne, which is one of the most visited towns in all of France.

102-hdp-frtaunton-569_-web103-hdp-frtaunton-595_-webhdp-labastide-1131104-hdp-frtaunton-624_-web105-hdp-frtaunton-628_-web113-hdp-frtaunton-644_-web106-hdp-frtaunton-632_-web107-hdp-frtaunton-633_-web108-hdp-frtaunton-636_-web109-hdp-frtaunton-637_-web110-hdp-frtaunton-638_-web114-hdp-frtaunton-645_-webInside this medieval fortress was a modern amphitheater for concerts and events. 115-hdp-frtaunton-648_-web116-hdp-frtaunton-651_-webFrom the top of the fortress you could see miles and miles of vineyards.117-hdp-frtaunton-654_-web118-hdp-frtaunton-655_-web119-hdp-frtaunton-657_-web

One of our excursions was to the Clos Bagatelle Vineyard and Winery. Owned by the same family since 1623, their story was interesting and the wine diverse. Christine was a lovely hostess for our tour and wine tasting. One of the vats was from the 18th century! If only it could tell stories about all the people who have enjoyed its wine!


We also made a visit to the village of Minerve, a 13th century medieval fortified village, which is situated on top of the gorge of the River Cesse. Population, approximately 150 people. I’ll remember it for its handmade pottery, french soaps and delicious bruschetta.

120-hdp-frtaunton-661_-web121-hdp-frtaunton-664_-web122-hdp-labastide-670123-hdp-labastide-680124-hdp-frtaunton-689_-web125-hdp-frtaunton-681_-web126-hdp-frtaunton-690_-web127-hdp-frtaunton-693_-webWe all looked forward to experiencing the lovely meals when we arrived back at the estate, never knowing where on property we would be dining…on the lawn, in the mill or in the gazebo, with Frank Sinatra serenading us.  This beautiful dinner was set in the Old Mill.136-hdp-frtaunton-286_-web137-hdp-frtaunton-291_-web138-hdp-frtaunton-298_-web139-hdp-frtaunton-303_-web140-hdp-frtaunton-315_-web142-hdp-frtaunton-361_-web143-hdp-frtaunton-887_-webIf you would like more information about traveling to this beautiful place to experience tours with Larry, or you have a college student who might be interested in the Fixed Point Institute, contact Fixed Point Foundation. Phone: (205) 414-6311

Floral Design: Tiffany Robertson of Studio Flower





Homewood Cottage by Twin Construction [Featured in B Metro, September 2016 Issue]

It’s always a privilege to shoot a Twin Construction home…they are such great people, who do quality work and have fun while they are doing it. I’m always inspired and walk away wanting to use some elements in my own home…whether it’s unique hardware, gorgeous paint colors, interesting light fixtures or sleek modern lucite counter stools, there’s always a “take home” idea. It’s all in the details. This beautiful Homewood, Alabama cottage is no exception and it’s featured in the September issue of B Metro Magazine. Enjoy!