2T6A9049_-WEBI love my job. Seriously love it! I can’t imagine doing anything else. Starting at a very young age, I was interested in photography; but my work experience in the fashion industry and as an art director for a magazine publisher inspired me to pursue my interest as a career. During those years of working with images for catalogs and editorial layouts, I became amazed at the power of an image to tell a story, affect our emotions and influence our behavior. So, I began taking classes and working alongside other photographers to learn this skill that had me so curious. In the early days of my business I was shooting only black and white film and later transitioned into color and digital. Starting out with film is what allowed me to truly understand photographic technique, from initial capture to processing and prints.

I appreciate all forms of photography, but for me, images with people in them speak to my soul. I believe every story is made better and engraved in our memory more clearly when it’s told in photos. I get excited every single time I pick my camera up to start shooting. I guess it’s like a writer about to type the first sentence to her next book…You don’t know exactly how the story will unfold, but you are completely and thoroughly engaged in the creative process until the end.

I strive to give my clients an amazing experience. I want you to walk away from a shoot thinking you had no idea how fun it could be, and when you see the images, hug my neck. Yes…I’m a hugger. Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to meeting you.


And if you wonder who I am when I’m not behind the camera…

My family recently moved to Nashville, for my husband’s job, after living my entire life in Birmingham. I had no idea how much I would LOVE Nashville. It has already won my heart…the music, the food, the outdoors…there’s always something fun to do, but Birmingham will always be “home”.

I love spending time outdoors with my husband, daughter, son and our British chocolate lab, “Scout”, who is also my running buddy.

I’ve been a certified fitness instructor for 23 years and currently teach pilates classes. I swear by a good sweat to keep the creative juices flowing. 

In my perfect world, biscuits, Mexican food and wedding cake would be perfectly healthy proteins….if only…

If I wasn’t a photographer I would want to be an interior designer, so I get my fix by shooting Dwellings and Spaces for magazines, designers and contractors. I’m a little obsessed with paint colors and might stalk a job site for paint can formulas if I like what I see going up. 

I love boots and jackets. I don’t think a girl can have too many. My husband marvels that he has no room in the coat closet.

My favorite color is turquoise. It makes me calm and happy like blue skies, aged copper, and being near the ocean anywhere along Highway 30A in Florida.

I enjoying riding country roads to see what interesting barns and fields I can find. Old barns sitting lonely in a field with weathered wood and peeling, chipped paint have a story to tell.

I want to travel more and The Maldives and Santorini Greece are tops on my short list. I’m thrilled that I’ve had the opportunity to shoot in France and London for a client. Have camera, will travel…gladly!

I’m not a very good cook — seriously! Just not my gift.  It’s a good day when I cook something that my husband does not have to rescue. I prefer to eat out…every meal…except breakfast. I can do breakfast food!

I crave grilled fish tacos and I’m a snob about them. My favorite places to eat them in Birmingham are The Grand Bohemian Hotel and Tazikis; but the best ones I’ve ever had are in Las Vegas at Diablo’s. Oh! And Avocado is a must!

My favorite Bible verse is Proverbs 3:5,6 — “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.” He’s always been faithful to keep that promise. 

I enjoy music of all genres, but country music or singer/songwriters like John Mayer and Ben Rector are probably what you would find me listening to driving around in my car on any given day.

My career dream is to document behind the scenes life of a musician while on tour. I guess I’m now in the right city to pursue that dream!

My husband thinks I’m the most curious person he’s ever met. One of my favorite quotes is “When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.”
— Walt Disney

If my photography fits your style, give me a shout!


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