New Year, New Goals, New Playlist

It’s a new year with new personal, business and fitness goals. For me, fitness has never been a New Years Resolution to consider, but rather a lifelong commitment as part of a healthy lifestyle and a more fulfilling quality of life. I starting exercising in high school and have been a certified fitness instructor since college, so exercise is just part of my day like sleeping and eating. I love it! But, I also know so many people don’t love to exercise and it’s a struggle. For some, fitness goals for a new year might be running a marathon or doing a triathlon. For others, it might mean finding a new format you enjoy and changing it up occasionally to stay interested and committed all year long. And for many, it’s simply getting off the sofa and starting to exercise for the first time, like taking walks in the neighborhood or hopping on a bike.

So, to encourage you to kick off the fitness part of your new year strong, I’m sharing a playlist from 26 years of teaching group fitness classes and countless hours spent putting together playlists for different class formats that will motivate my participants. Now, I know this is a risky post, since I live in music city where there are so many people who know way more about music than I do; but just like anything, music is subjective and I’m sharing what works for me. This Spotify playlist includes some of my favorite workout songs from years of cycle classes, boot camp classes and my own runs. Songs that fire me up to keep going and push harder. I hope this playlist helps keep you motivated to stay committed and reach your fitness goals in 2018. And remember, it’s not just what we see in the mirror that counts. Fitness starts from the inside out. Fit mind, fit spirit, fit body. Have a happy and healthy 2018!

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