Heather’s Picks: Coffee Table/Photography Books | Holiday 2017

“A book is a dream that you hold in your hands.” — Neil Gaiman

My personal Christmas wish lists always includes coffee table books full of beautiful photography. Sometimes I even ask for cookbooks; but if you know me, you also know that cookbooks are chosen more for the beautifully styled tables and food shots than the recipes. I’m not a very good cook, but I love and appreciate really good food.

As soon as my box from Amazon arrives, I’ll grab a blanket, cup of coffee and curl up in my favorite chair to flip through page by page for inspiration. When I’m done, each book will find a new spot in my home, and usually grouped together by color. Whether stacked on a shelf or laying on a coffee table, books say so much about you, your personal style and your interests. They also make for great conversation pieces when a guest sits down after a dinner party and starts flipping through.

Here are my picks, and there’s something for almost everyone…fashion, travel, cooking, music, architecture, equine portraits, documentary, celebrity portraits, and interior design. These book recommendations include some oldie but goodies that I already own and love, as well as a few new releases that are on my Christmas wish list this year; and, of course, nods to the cities where I live, work and play…Birmingham and Nashville. Hope you find some that speak to you or that you want to share with others as gifts this holiday season. All can be purchased on Amazon. Cheers to good reading and lots of eye candy!



1. Annie Leibovitz Portraits 2005 – 2016 | 2. Dream Spaces, Victoria Hagen | 3. Ralph Lauren 50 Years | 4. Nashville Eats, Jennifer Justus | 5. 30A Living, Lynn Nesmith & Jean Allsopp | 6. Magic City Cravings, Martie Duncan & Chanda Temple | 7. Poetry of Place, Bobby McAlpine and Susan Sully   | 8. Still Moving, Danny Clinch | 9. The Light Between Us, Vincent Peters | 10. Paris in Color, Nichole Robertson | 11. The Finer Things, Christiane Lemieux | 12. Capturing Camelot, Kitty Kelley | 13. Beaches | 14. Equine Beauty, Raphael Macek | 15. An Eye for Beauty, Beth Webb | 16. Sinatra 100 | 17. Styled, Emily Henderson  | 18. Four Seasons of Great Food and The Good Life, The Blackberry Farm Cookbook, Sam Beal | 19. The Best Loved Villages of France, Stephanie Bern | 20. Peter Lindbergh, A Different Vision on Fashion Photography





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