Photographing Nashville Singer-Songwriter, Kensington Moore

Most people would say it was serendipity that I met Kensington Moore, a talented young Nashville singer-songwriter and former contestant for Team Blake on NBC’s The Voice. However, Kensington and I believe it was perfectly planned that our paths would cross.

This summer we did a quick shoot in Franklin’s Westlight Studios, that resulted in her choosing one of the images for the cover of her new single “Can’t Be Shaken” which releases tomorrow, September 22nd. Be sure to grab it on iTunes, Spotify or Google Music. Pre-order available now.

And I have to share a funny story about this shoot…A big storm had blown through Franklin the night before and the power company was working on the lines; so while we were shooting, the power in the studio went off for about 30 minutes…no air, no fan for hair, no lights, no music. She literally was getting dressed with the flashlight on my phone. But, it didn’t mess up our mojo! We used the available natural light in the studio and kept rolling. I love what we got as a result!

Kensington has an incredible voice, but even more importantly a beautiful heart and message to share. Congratulations on your new single Kensi!










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