Katie’s Bridal Session [Birmingham Botanical Gardens]

Katie was a dream to work with! From our very first meeting at Starbucks, to she and Matt’s Engagement Session at Morris Avenue and Railroad Park, then finally at their amazing wedding and reception at Vestavia Country Club, she knew exactly what she wanted. And she has such a fun, vivacious personality with a confident and contagious energy! You’ll see in her images. I wanted to be friends with her the minute I meet her!

Katie is a also a former University of Alabama Crimsonette, so she floats, twirls and moves in a way that dancers naturally do…and with her amazing 2-piece Martina Liana gown with layered skirt, we did lots of twirling. This tiny dancer was a stunning bride! Planner: Handley Breaux Designs | Wedding Gown: Martina Liana from Ivory & White Bridal Shop.HDP-B-Kilpatrick-63_-WEB.jpgHDP-B-Kilpatrick-296_-WEB.jpghdp-b-kilpatrick-178_-webhdp-b-kilpatrick-265_-webHDP-B-Kilpatrick-206_-WEB.jpghdp-b-kilpatrick-260_-webhdp-b-kilpatrick-313_-webhdp-b-kilpatrick-312_-webhdp-b-kilpatrick-311_-webhdp-b-kilpatrick-306_-webhdp-b-kilpatrick-305_-webhdp-b-kilpatrick-220_-webhdp-b-kilpatrick-197_-webhdp-b-kilpatrick-140_-webHDP-B-Kilpatrick-115_-WEB.jpghdp-b-kilpatrick-131_-webhdp-b-kilpatrick-136_-webhdp-b-kilpatrick-70_-webHDP-B-Kilpatrick-217_-WEB.jpgHDP-B-Kilpatrick-254_-WEB.jpghdp-b-kilpatrick-170_-webhdp-b-kilpatrick-57_-webHDP-B-Kilpatrick-86_-WEB.jpg


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