Meet “Scout” [British Chocolate Lab]

I admit it. I was the meanie wife and mom who didn’t want to get a dog… Not when my hubby wanted one after we first got married and not when my kids begged for one over the last several years. Sadly, I was adamant about it and vocally so. I didn’t think we had the time to devote to one and I didn’t want it to chew my furniture, our house…and especially my shoes! Nor did I want the potty training and messes. But…after several experiences of seeing our 9 year old son with friends’ dogs and his tenderness with them, I started to have a change of heart about getting a dog. Although the rest of my family wanted a dog…our son really NEEDED a dog. And, since he is really into hunting now, we found ourselves having conversations about getting a lab of our own to love and to train for father-son duck, and other wing hunting, adventures.

Then, when we asked our kids what they wanted for Christmas this year, they said “We want a dog and we aren’t asking for anything else.” They didn’t want to hurt their odds by giving us any more hints. Too funny!

Yesterday, Brad and I found an adorable British Chocolate Lab puppy from Hickory Nut Kennels in Cullman, AL, and decided to bring home our surprise before Christmas. She is already 10 weeks old, and we didn’t want her to get any bigger before the kids got to meet her.

We are excited to welcome “Scout” into our family! My heart has melted into a puddle in the floor. I’m smitten! And, she doesn’t know it yet; but in a few months, she’s going to be my running buddy. I can’t wait!

Here’s a few shots I took when we brought her home to meet our kids…





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  1. lindseyogabliss Avatar

    Labs are the best! I can’t wait for you to take pics of our kids (sometime in the future…) with our furry first-borns!

  2. Sherri Avatar

    Best decision ever! You will love having a dog.

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