DIY Coffee Table Project


I want to post a little something different today. I love home projects and home decor, but as my business has grown over the past few years, work has kept me too busy for “nesting” in my home. I’ve missed it so much. Now that I have an intern to help me with some of my workload, I’ve been able to take on a few projects lately. So, I decided to share one of them with you in case it’s something you might want to try in your own home. Photos and instructions are included below.

I’ve owned a Pottery Barn black iron and glass coffee table for over 20 years. I still love its lines, but was tired of the black that was too harsh with the other furnishings in my living room. It also had black slats that showed through the top glass that distracted from what was displayed on the table. I had been eyeing an amazing gold coffee table with an aged mirrored top at one of my favorite local home stores. It was pretty pricey though, and there are other things of urgent priority, so I decided to give my own black coffee table a fresh new face with some spray paint. I had seen similar projects on Pinterest, so I used them as reference.

I hope this post inspires you to find an old piece of furniture and give it new life.

In my excitement to get started on this DIY project, I failed to stop and take some before photos, so I found an old snapshot with the table in it.

Here’s what it looked like BEFORE I started…


Here’s what it looks like AFTER I finished…


I wanted the mirror to look aged, not perfect, and the slats to show through subtly so I didn’t spray it completely opaque. 


Here’s what you’ll need:

4-5 cans (depending on size of table) of Krylon Metallic Brass Spray Paint
Note: Do not let the can top fool you. It is NOT shiny gold like the top. It sprays much duller and looks like aged gold. 
1-2 cans (depending on size of glass) of Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint
White vinegar
Spray bottle
Painter’s drop cloth

Approximate total cost of project: approx $60 (instead of the $569 x 2 square coffee tables I had been wanting)

Instructions for coffee table base:

Begin your project in a well ventilated area. I worked on the coffee table in my backyard and the glass in my garage with the door open so it could dry overnight. 

Put down the painter’s drop cloth.

Begin with the table base and spray with Krylon Metallic Brass according to directions. Let dry between coats. I used 3 coats to completely cover the black.

After it has dried completely, flip the table over and do the underneath and bottom sides with the same number of coats.

Instructions for making glass top look like aged mirror:

Spray the UNDERNEATH side of the glass. If you spray the top side it will be rough painted to the touch and will scrape off with wear and tear. 

Spray a light coat of Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint. Let it dry for just a minute or two. 

Spray a light coat of mixture of 1/2 water & 1/2 vinegar and let droplets form. You can lightly wipe or dabble very small areas with a folded up paper towel or slightly damp rag. Be careful not to take off large sections of paint.

Add a few more thin coats layering Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint and water/vinegar mixture, depending on if you want it to be slightly transparent or if you would rather it be opaque.

The less perfect it is, the more authentic it looks.

Let it dry completely before putting it on the coffee table base.

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