The Montgomery Family

I enjoyed meeting this cute family that is fairly new to Birmingham. Their twin girls are completely adorable! And I confess…I’m still working on being able to tell them apart. Pure cuteness in their matching dresses…

01-HDP150_WEB02-HDP4_WEB03-HDP11_WEB04-HDP23_WEB05-HDP27_WEB06-HDP30_WEB07-HDP35_WEB08-HDP14_WEB09-HDP19_WEB10-HDP78_WEB12-HDP101_WEB13-HDP58_WEB14-HDP72_WEB11-HDP47_WEB15-HDP80_WEB 17-HDP84_WEB 16-HDP82_WEB19-HDP125_WEB21-HDP139_WEB22-HDP145_WEB18-HDP120_WEB

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