Photo published by Jones Soda Co.

I’m a little giddy! I’ve always loved that Jones Soda Co. features photos of real people doing fun things…real life. So, about a year ago I entered a photo of my own kids water sliding in the front yard. It’s one of my very favorite images. Just a month ago I received a phone call and an email from Jones saying they had chosen my photo to use for a project.

Jones Soda Co. promotes photos on its website for potential use on “rare” bottles that see regular distribution. According to a Jones Soda customer service representatives, “hundreds of thousands photos get submitted each year and only 1 percent of photos actually make it to a label.” The company also states that up to three different images per “label run” may appear on individual flavors, and “the placement of the labels is very, very random.” Jones Soda is distributed nationally and internationally and the labels can go on anywhere of 1,000 to 10,000 bottles of the same flavor. You never know where your label will turn up.

So, THE HUNT IS ON to find the bottles with my kids’ photo on them! I’m so curious which flavor (I hope it’s the turquoise one)! The first person to find the bottles with my kids picture and brings one to me gets a free mini session!



Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 9.34.27 PM

In addition to the Jones Soda photo contest, you can also submit your photos for your own custom labels and order cases of Jones Soda. What a great idea for wedding receptions and summer parties!!


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