Kristen + Jon

My kids started school today, so it’s time to get caught up on the blog! I love them being home for summer and being on a more relaxed schedule; but it always slows down my workflow a bit. Since the days are flying by all too quickly and they grow up so fast, I try to take more time in the summer to soak them up and make memories together. I can’t believe I already have a 5th grader and a 1st grader! Before I know it they’ll be going to college and getting married! And, speaking of married…

I had the privilege of photographing Kristen and Jon’s gorgeous wedding, as the second shooter for my sweet and talented friend Jessica Wright. Amidst our extremely rainy summer, we were thrilled to be blessed with sunshine! Thank you to Jessica for asking me to shoot with her, and to Kristen and Jon for allowing me to share in their sweet celebration. Everything was just perfect and Kristen and Jon were all smiles, all day!


HDP_1320-2_WEB.jpg HDP_1356-2_WEB.jpg HDP_1388-2_WEB.jpg HDP_1330-2_WEB.jpg HDP_1488-2_WEB.jpg HDP_1568-2_WEB.jpg HDP_1574-2_WEB.jpg HDP_1485-2_WEB.jpg HDP_1595-2_WEB.jpg HDP_1601-2_WEB.jpg HDP_1669-2_WEB.jpg HDP_1613-2_WEB.jpg HDP_1734-2BW_WEB.jpg HDP_1889-2_WEB.jpg HDP_1975-2_WEB.jpg HDP_1934-2_WEB.jpg HDP_2024-2_WEB.jpg Kristen & John - Birmingham, AL Real Wedding - Trinity Methodist & Swan Lake Stables HDP_2096-2_WEB.jpg HDP_2111-2_WEB.jpg

HDP_2141-2_WEB.jpg HDP_2158-2BW_WEB.jpg HDP_2231-2BW_WEB.jpg HDP_2114-2_WEB.jpg HDP_2268-2_WEB.jpg HDP_2256-2_WEB.jpg HDP_2326-2_WEB.jpg HDP_2417-2_WEB.jpg HDP_2441-2_WEB.jpg HDP_2473-2BW_WEB.jpg HDP_2491-2_WEB.jpg

Love that they could get a birds eye view of their guests from this loft where they had dinner alone together.
HDP_2699-2_WEB.jpg HDP_2710-2_WEB.jpg HDP_2715-2BW_WEB.jpg HDP_2743-2_WEB.jpg HDP_2751-2_WEB.jpg HDP_2772-2_WEB.jpgKristen & John - Birmingham, AL Real Wedding - Trinity Methodist & Swan Lake StablesKristen & John - Birmingham, AL Real Wedding - Trinity Methodist & Swan Lake Stables

HDP_3069-2BW_WEB.jpg HDP_3182-2BW_WEB.jpg

I was taking this shot and couldn’t help but notice the expressions of Kristen’s mom and bridesmaids in the background, so I had to get a shot focused on their faces too!
HDP_3194-2BW_WEB.jpg HDP_3210-2BW_WEB.jpg


HDP_3286-2_WEB.jpg HDP_3290-2BW_WEB.jpg

Ceremony: Trinity United Methodist Church | Reception Venue: Swann Lake Stables | Wedding Coordinator: Anita Kanellis | Catering: Happy Catering | Flowers: Lillie’s

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