Meet Bennett. He’s the cutest little guy and definitely not short on love from the women in his life. His mom, aunt and grandmother came along for our photo shoot fun! I loved meeting this sweet family.

Lake Martin Day-in-the-Life SessionHDP_0148BW-copyHDP_0204-copyHDP_0161-copyHDP_0162-copyHDP_0267-copyHDP_0248BW-copyLake Martin Day-in-the-Life SessionHDP_0286-copyHDP_0297BW-copyHDP_0444-copyHDP_0236-copyLake Martin Day-in-the-Life SessionHDP_0468-copyHDP_0499-copyHDP_0577BW-copyHDP_0530-copyHDP_0601-copyHDP_0362-copyHDP_0352-copy


Here’s an action shot Bennett’s grandmother took with her iPhone. My favorite assistant was helping me…my 10 year old daughter. I hope she’ll be my partner one day!
For now, I’ll take what I can get while she’s out of school for summer.

photo 3

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