The Thompson Family Lifestyle Session [Lake Martin Photographer • Heather Durham Photography]

Recently I’ve started offering Day-in-the-Life sessions. These sessions are about storytelling…my favorite kind of shooting. I think that’s what I love about shooting weddings so much…you get to tell the story of the day in images. So, I decided to bring that aspect into my kids and family sessions this year. The resulting photographs are a peek into your life and how you live it…the casual and spontaneous moments that make you who you are as a family.  Then, these images can be made into a custom designed album or printed for a wall gallery.

A few weekends ago I spent time with the Thompsons, at their family lakehouse on Lake Martin, for their Lifestyle session. Our family has known Mike for years, so when he asked me to photograph his family I jumped at the chance. I knew it would be fun! I enjoyed the opportunity to get to know his wife, Laura, and his three boys, whom I’ve heard so much over the years. His boys were a hoot! There’s just something about brothers and how they cut up with each other that’s extremely entertaining!

Laura told me that she wanted to start with portraits, then capture all the boys playing. Mike’s favorite late afternoon lake activity is cooking hot dogs and Conecah sausage with his favorite tunes playing in the background, so we had to document that too. This post includes some of my favorites…and consider yourself warned…Day-in-the-Life sessions are lengthier posts. There’s lots of moments to capture in the four hours I’m with these families, and I consider it a privilege that the Thompsons chose me to spend a day in their life. I always walk away with something to think about after spending time with my clients. This time, I left humming the Chris Tomlin praise music they had playing in the background and reflecting on some of the conversations we had about how they feel the Lord is working in their lives and directing their family. They got photographs. I got encouraged. What a great day!



Time for some fun in the water!HDP_5335-copyHDP_5505BW-copyHDP_5315-copyHDP_5045-copyHDP_5048-copyHDP_5297-copyHDP_5282-copyHDP_5185-copyHDP_5184-copyHDP_5171-copyHDP_5102-copyHDP_5355-copyHDP_5364-copyHDP_5397-copyHDP_5416-copyHDP_5408-copyHDP_5391-copyHDP_5434-copyHDP_5448-copyHDP_5386-copy
HDP_5494-copy HDP_5490-copy

Laura said that their middle son, Joshua, plays “pretend” baseball in the grassy area beside their house all the time, so I snuck over to spy on him a little…

HDP_5542-copyHDP_5560-copy HDP_5564-copyHDP_5524-copyHDP_5726-copy

Dinner time (and a little mini-date while the kids were playing)!

HDP_5623-copyHDP_5630-copyHDP_5628-copyHDP_5644-copyHDP_5647BW-copyHDP_5651BW-copyHDP_5667BW-copyHDP_5663-copyHDP_5680-copy HDP_5708-copy HDP_5726-copyHDP_5708-copyHDP_5680-copy

I’ve been a little obsessed with our gorgeous Alabama sunsets lately. All these rainy days make for amazing skies at the end of the day! This one was no exception. And I love how the colors were reflecting in the water.


A little electronic downtime while they waited on dinner…


Time to eat!



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