Waterlogged and back from vacation

After being gone for 9 days, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do! We started with a trip to Lake Martin to shoot a few family sessions. Then we headed straight from there for a family vacation at the beach for the 4th of July week. I had high hopes of lots of sunshine on the beaches of 30a, and watching the Seaside 4th of July parade and fireworks. But, nope… it didn’t happen. That was the rainiest beach vacation ever! Out of 6 days at the beach I think we had a total of about 8 hours without rain. The Seaside amphitheater was even flooded! I will say it was definitely a restful vacation and we made the best of it we could. One of my favorite memories is of my daughter and me bike riding from Seagrove to Watercolor in the pouring down rain. We discovered new paths and bridges all over Watercolor and had the best time on our adventure getting soaking wet! You can check out some of the Instagrams I took along the way with my iPhone here.

The silver lining to all the rain was the gorgeous sunset skies with colors that changed by the minute. There wasn’t much of a dry opportunity to pull out my camera on this trip, but I did manage to grab a few shots of my kids playing our first and last afternoons there. Hope you don’t mind me sharing some of my own kids, but I had a lot of fun capturing them with those rainy skies as the backdrop.


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