Max & Sam with their Mom & Dad [Madison, MS photographer]

Last time I photographed Max, his mom, Peyton, was expecting baby brother Sam! So, this trip I got to meet little Sam, and what a cutie he is with those big brown eyes! And what a photographer’s dream to just walk out in their backyard and down to their dock for a few shots!  Since Max loves to fish, we had to capture him in his element!

When I got there, Sam was eating a chocolate cookie in his pristine white John John…I was a little nervous, but y’all, the boy didn’t get a drop on him! I was so impressed! The grandparents were also there for a visit; so the first shot I’ll share with you is a sweet moment between Sam (cookie in hand) with his grandfather…

Sam needed a little time to warm up to the camera. I loved this shot of his single tear as his mom was giving him some encouragement.

Definitely a momma’s boy!



Time to share a sucker for a little incentive…


And oh how I absolutely adore how this little series of shots unfolded…


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