Santa’s Cool New Sleigh

It enjoy getting to photograph Ella and Marshall each year. The Hallmans are sweet friends and our kids adore each other. It all started when I first photographed Ella as a baby, then years later our girls were in tennis lessons together while our boys played Batman and Superman around the courts.

You guys know how I am about a lot of props — they just aren’t my thing…unless a prop has a geniune connection with a family. I like props to mean something and compliment the children but not distract from them. So, this year we decided to photograph Ella and Marshall at the Barber Motorsports Museum since their family has strong ties to the events there. When we arrived at the museum, one of the gentlemen who worked there wheeled around a vintage Harley Davidson motorcycle with side car in front of the tree for us. I was thrilled! I battled a little bit with the late afternoon sun beaming through that large widow behind the tree, but we got some really fun shots! And, since we had to do it right after school, our kids got a surprise play date together when we were finished! Win-win!


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