The Lanier Family

Amy contacted me months in advance to schedule her fall family session at Aldridge Gardens, and somehow we both missed that afternoon was the Native American festival! We drive up to the gardens and the parking lot is so full we have to park down the street. Now, I’ve encountered busy times at both gardens, shooting around proms, weddings and the buzz of other photographers with families on a pretty day. But, this was REALLY busy with people everywhere and there were also little blue strings tied on many of the trees and bushes as part of the festival. Nice! So it was my job to dodge all these people and blue strings while photographing a family of six! I love a good challenge…and very shallow depth of field!

I enjoyed my adventure with the sweet Lanier family! It was a lot of fun and we certainly had some good laughs. In fact, I posted one shot on the proofing gallery of their kids feeding the ducks with another set of random kids who had decided to be in our shot. I told them they could use that one for their Christmas card and shock everyone with their newly adopted children! 🙂 Needless to say I’ll be noting the date if the Native American Festival in my calendar next year! Here’s some highlights from our afternoon together…I don’t think anyone would be able guess what all was going on around us!


I see a little blue string in this next shot! Nothing a little photoshop can’t fix in the finished print.

HDP_3043-copy.jpg HDP_3137-copy.jpg


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