Missy + Wes

I’m excited to finally post images from Missy and Wes’s wedding I photographed a few months back as a second shooter for Alisha Crossley. I remember standing at the back of the pavilion, nestled in the woods at the 4H Center in Columbiana, AL, thinking to myself how peaceful and quiet it was as Missy and Wes said their vows. All of nature was taking in their reverant moment. Missy and Wes gazed lovingly at each other all day and their ceremony was a beautiful testimony of the Lord being in the center of their union. It was such a privilage to be a part of their day! A great big thanks to Alisha for asking me to capture the day with her!

HDP_5201_WEBHDP_5189_WEB.jpg HDP_5270_WEB.jpg HDP_5255_WEB.jpg HDP_5207_WEB.jpgHDP_5288_WEB HDP_5345_WEB

HDP_5422_WEB HDP_5454_WEB.jpgHDP_5396_WEBHDP_5755_WEB HDP_5770_WEB.jpg HDP_5351_WEB.jpgHDP_5477_WEB HDP_5386_WEB.jpgHDP_5952_WEB

HDP_5490_WEB.jpg HDP_5513_WEB.jpg HDP_5538_WEB.jpgHDP_5563_WEBHDP_5583_WEB HDP_5590_WEB.jpgHDP_5605_WEBHDP_5625BW_WEBHDP_5643_WEBHDP_5665_WEBHDP_5986_WEBHDP_5701_WEB HDP_6028_WEBHDP_6047_WEBHDP_5713_WEBHDP_5667_WEBHDP_6066_WEB.jpg HDP_6081_WEB.jpg HDP_6099_WEB HDP_6102_WEB.jpg HDP_6117_WEB.jpg HDP_6150_WEB.jpg HDP_6168_WEB.jpgHDP_6221_WEB HDP_6203_WEB HDP_6237_WEB.jpgHDP_6245_WEB HDP_6255_WEB.jpgHDP_6263_WEB HDP_6302_WEB.jpgHDP_6327_WEB HDP_6339_WEB.jpg HDP_6371BW_WEB.jpg HDP_6394_WEB.jpg HDP_6401_WEB.jpgHDP_6413_WEBHDP_6458BW_WEB HDP_6592BW_WEBHDP_6624BW_WEB.jpgHDP_6643BW_WEB HDP_6715_WEB.jpg HDP_6757BW_WEB.jpgHDP_6826_WEB.jpg

HDP_6977_WEB HDP_7016_WEB.jpg HDP_7070BW_WEB.jpgHDP_6967BW_WEB HDP_7096BW_WEB.jpg HDP_7216BW_WEB.jpg HDP_7268_WEB.jpgHDP_7287BW_WEBHDP_7372_WEBHDP_7376BW_WEBHDP_7393BW_WEB

And since this post, Missy & Wes’s wedding has been published in Alabama Weddings and the Shelby County Reporter! See that post here.

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