Mission-minded Art

Our high school neighbor, babysitter and super creative friend, Sarah, did a collage for her best friend Emily’s birthday and posted the process on her blog and Facebook. Sarah cut out colorful pictures and drawings of all of Emily’s favorite things and made a collage with them. She also added inspirational quotes and sayings she found on Pinterest. When I saw the finished piece I knew I had to have one for my daughter’s room! Unique, personal, inspiring, colorful and cheerful art…perfect for a young girl, tween or teen’s room! I immediately texted Sarah after I saw it and asked her to do one for my daughter Olivia; and she happily agreed, explaining to me that she was earning money for a mission trip to Equador with her church. After she told me that, I decided to spread the word about this mission-minded art to all my friends with daughters, nieces and granddaughters. What a great Christmas gift idea!

I’m including a photo of my daughter’s finished collage below. Oh and shhhhhhhhhhhh! This one for my daughter is a birthday surprise so I’ve hidden it under the bed for a couple of months! I hope I can wait until January to give it to her!

If you are interested in purchasing a collage canvas and helping Sarah go on her mission trip to Equador, you can email Sarah at whistle17@gmail.com. The price for a 16×20 canvas is $100 and a 20×24 canvas is $125. It takes Sarah about 8 hours to lovingly customize each collage to fit her customer’s personality. Love it!

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