Leslie-Ann + Ben [Auburn, AL wedding]

Last month I photographed Leslie-Ann and Ben’s wedding in Auburn with my friend Megan Smalley. The wedding was held at a Methodist church on Auburn’s campus and the reception followed at the exquisite Fountainview Mansion. It was a beautiful wedding with beautiful details, but I think my favorite memory from the day was how sweet Leslie-Ann and her bridesmaids were. They were such a pleasure to be with all day and I had the best time getting to know them! And… it was obvious they adore Leslie-Ann. The prayer her cousin said in the bride’s room, right before it was time to walk down the aisle, was a precious gift.

I include a lot of images in my wedding blogs because a wedding is not just the beautifully styled and photojournalistic shots of the bride and groom. Oh, yes, I do love those; but even more, I love the story of their day…the in-between and behind the scene moments. Some of the details, the bride and groom aren’t even fully aware of until they see their photos. I want to tell those details in my images so they can remember them 20, 30, 40 and 50 years from now.

Here are some of the highlights of Leslie-Ann and Ben’s story as I saw it unfold through my lens. It was a lovely, lovely day.

Leslie-Ann’s bridesmaids gave her a scrapbook of memories.

I love these shots of the sweet prayer before the ceremony. Such a meaningful moment among friends and family.

Leslie-Ann wanted to hear her cousin sing right before she walked down the aisle. The bridal party became quiet in the foyer of the church so she could listen and take in that sweet moment.

The guys had a little surprise in store for Ben. Hope his tux pockets were deep because he spent the rest of the ceremony with them filled.

I always love the goodbye and thank you hugs to the parents.

I’m a University of Alabama graduate…so was my husband, my parents and my brother, but I’ve been down on the plains a few times to visit friends when I was in college. I had been away from my kids alot on Saturdays this summer due to shooting weddings; so this time I decided to go a little early and take them along with me so we could have one last hoorah together before school started. When we got to Auburn on Friday, we went to Toomer’s Corner so I could have some Toomer’s lemonade and the kids could have milkshakes. Once we got our treats, we walked over to see the famous trees. Luke was very concerned about the trees and had lots of questions. That night we ate a yummy dinner at Amsterdam’s Cafe. A great big thanks to Megan’s fun sister Mallory for keeping my kids for me all day Saturday while we were shooting the wedding. They had a great time! On Sunday we did a little more exploring and then headed back home to Birmingham. I must say that Auburn has grown and changed a lot since I was in college. The kids and I had a great time on campus…but, we still pull for the team in red! 😉 Here’s a few shots of my kids from our weekend together in Auburn…

Forgive me for this one, but just had to post because it made me laugh since this was unprompted. After this shot we had to have a talk about good sportsmanship and not booing the other team!

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