Vulcan Park with my kids – TWICE in one day!

Most of the time I blog about client sessions; but sometimes, I blog about personal shooting adventures — shooting purely for the love of the lens. This is one of those posts.

Today the UPS man delivered my brand new super wide angle lens. It was burning a hole in my bag and I just had to “take it out for a spin”. So, this afternoon after school, the kids and I headed to Vulcan Park. It was an extremely short walk through the museum since it wasn’t a guided tour; and I couldn’t keep my 9 year old and 6 year old interested in the history of Birmingham and Vulcan when they were so ready to go up in the tower! They had fun seeing the city from way up there and pointing out the new Children’s Hospital where their daddy works. When we bought our tickets, the lady at the counter told us that we could come back the same night at no additional cost. We left the park and went home to do sidewalk chalk in the driveway and eat dinner.

After dinner, it started to get dark and the kids said “Hey! Let’s go back up to Vulcan!” I happily agreed, and with camera in hand, we hopped in the car to get there before the sun completely set. We are so ready for summer and these longer days and perfect temperatures just make us want to stay outside.

When we got there the kids ran…and leaped…and rolled around the grassy areas before we went up into the tower and ruined every couples’ romantic date night! Who knew Vulcan was such the perfect date?! I kept thinking there might be a proposal while we were there, but then again…my kids talking about “Vulcan’s booty facing Hoover side” kinda ruins the mood!

I’ll share with you some of the images I took while on the two visits with my kids today…with an intermission of chalk art in between.

Oh! And when I’m not with my kids…it is an iconic Birmingham location for engagement shoots and weddings! I second shot a wedding on the Fox 6 rooftop and Vulcan Park last August with my good friend Emily Kicklighter Photography. You can see a post from that wedding here. It’s a beautiful venue with an amazing view of our city!




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