Palin, Clarkie and Kathleen

I’ve been on a family vacation for a week, so now I’m trying to get caught up on my blogging. Whew! Lots to do!

Rachel and I have been talking photos for a while since our husbands work together. We finally had her session a few weeks ago and the weather was just perfect. Then, when Clarkie and Kathleen showed up in Matilda Jane outfits I was beyond excited. They were super cute; and since my daughter would not wear Matilda Jane because she thought she was “too old” (fashion opinions showed up way early at my house), I have to admire everyone else’s children in their cute clothing line!

Kathleen, the baby, wasn’t so sure about being barefoot. Guess she hadn’t gotten her “summer feet” yet, but we worked through it and she quickly forgot about it. The one thing she didn’t forget was wanting to keep mommy in sight at all times; but her sweet big sister and brother helped with that too and she got lots of love from them. I could tell right away that these siblings have such a sweet relationship. I loved being able to capture it. Here are a few images from our afternoon together…

Boys will be boys…

Looking for Momma…

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