An Evening with Jasmine Star

Jasmine Star is an international wedding photographer that has been celebrated and widely published as a photographer and speaker. I follow her work and her blog because she mentors other photographers with her workshops and speaking engagements, is enthusiastic and real. I love the REAL part! I went to several of her workshops last year at WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) in Las Vegas and they were quite inspirational.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to Atlanta with a few other local photographers to hear Jasmine speak again at her workshop called The Fix. I had thought about going, but put it on the backburner because arranging for my children and covering my two classes at the gym on a Monday just seemed like a lot of trouble. Well, at 9:00 yesterday morning when I talked to my friend Stacy Richardson who was going, I decided it was worth the effort to be able to go, learn from Jasmine, and mingle with other photographers. So, after many phone calls, emails and texts, my children were taken care of, my classes were covered and I was off to Atlanta at noon to hit a few stores and grab some dinner before the workshop.

Stacy and I met a few months ago since she moved from Annapolis, Maryland to Birmingham and we have become fast friends. I meet several other photographers for the first time, one of them was Alisha Crossley who rode with us. Once we arrived in Atlanta we made mad dashes through IKEA and Trader Joe’s. I’m a huge IKEA fan and go there every time I’m in Atlanta, but this was my very first introduction to Trader Joe’s and now I’m obsessed! WE NEED ONE IN BIRMINGHAM! It’s an organic food market with a little bit of everything! LOVE! Stacy had talked about how amazing it is since she shopped there all the time in Annapolis, so she took me through aisle by aisle and indoctrinated me with her favorite items. She had been going through withdrawals since her move, so she was absolutely giddy…as you will see in the photos. It was cracking me up!

After our quick shopping sprees (I’ve NEVER left empty handed from IKEA and it felt strange), we headed to find dinner near the workshop venue. We landed at Figo, a little Italian spot that had a yummy Caprese salad and grilled chicken. There was a huge free-standing Anthropologie across the street, but much to my disappointment (and Brad’s relief), it was already closed. It’s on the list for my next visit!

It was time for The Fix workshop! We headed into this really neat warehouse called The Foundry at Puritan Mill…my kind of atmosphere with huge old metal windows, exposed brick, wood beams and huge white linen drapings of fabric. The room was filled with 200+ photographers from around the south, and that many photographers in one room is always exciting! You could hear lots of clicking as Nikons and Canons roamed the room, and everyone was glowing from iPads and iPhones lighting up their faces.

Jasmine delivered her presentation as she always does, full of passion, inspiration and conviction (even tears) to share her experiences with eager listeners. She gave challenges to set goals about specific aspects of our business and encourage us to push through change even if it’s uncomfortable and a struggle sometimes. Change can be good as it’s often improvement for a better version of ourselves and our business. I love that! So true!

The Fix was worth my time and efforts to get there, but I also got so much out of just riding in the car with Stacy and Alisha talking shop – ideas, vendors, methods and dreams. I’d say The Fix was just the fix I needed right now as a mom, girl, friend, photographer and business owner!

our navigator, Stacy
Stacy and her Trader Joe's addiction
The actual "Fix"
Wonder if my kids would eat Edamame if it was covered in dark chocolate???
Going home happy with several bags full
For Milanese teenagers, “figo” labels the outstanding, truly appreciable or much-loved. Their tagline is "Be Yourself", which seemed very fitting for the evening.

I only brought one lens with me, so you’ll have to excuse some of these wide shots being less than perfect!

Jasmine and me
She thinks I'm funny - yay! 😉
From left: Stacy, me and Alisha
Some of the other photographers from Birmingham and Tuscaloosa that attended. It's so fun to meet new friends!

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