A photo booth and some laughs!

This past September while at the beach, I photographed my children in Watercolor and Seaside for our Christmas card. My mom and I woke the kids up very early one morning to shoot before there were  too many people and traffic on the streets. We did our shooting then headed over to The Great Southern Cafe in Seaside for some breakfast. While sitting outside on the porch I noticed the cutest, brightly colored photo booth out in front of one of the stores, so we headed over there after breakfast to have some fun. The lighting was not optimal because it was late morning and the sun was bright in that area, but that’s when you make do with what you have to work with so you don’t miss capturing the moment. The kids started coming in and out of the booth with different props on and I started shooting. They were hamming it up for us and having the best time! I’m not sure mom and I have ever laughed so hard!! It certainly made for a great memory and some fun shots!

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