Photos with Mom

I rarely have photos with my kids because I’m always the one behind the camera. This year I have been trying to do much better about that. I want my kids to remember me in pictures too, otherwise they will think they were always with their dad! So, today when we got home from church I set up the tripod, handed my daughter the remote trigger (it’s in her right hand :)) and we got a photo together. Maybe we’ll give it to my husband Brad for Christmas; but I thought I would also share it with you as a reminder for you moms to get in photos with your kids! I’m always sad when moms come to sessions and don’t want to be in the pictures. Don’t worry about looking perfect (notice my scraggly ponytail hair), just do it. You won’t regret it and your kids will appreciate it. Time is flying by and so are all of the precious phases of their lives under your wing.


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  1. Gorgeous Heather! You all are so beautiful! And I love your hair in this picture. I don’t think you can ever take a bad picture!

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