Sneak Peeks of Rita and Michol’s Wedding

My friend Melissa Pardi asked me to shoot a wedding with her a few weeks ago and of course I happily agreed! I love shooting weddings! There is something wonderfully unique about each and every one of them and it’s fun to look for those story-telling images from the day. And, when you capture them it’s a magical moment for a photographer. So, although I don’t have a lot of time to blog right now because I am trying to frantically get Christmas gift prints and Christmas card orders filled for you; I thought I would at least post a few sneak peeks.

One of the unique moments in Rita and Michol’s wedding was the cute nephew who decided in the middle of the ceremony to dance up and down the center aisle. And by dance, I mean break dance  [the worm]. Since a lot of what I do is kids’ photographs, I thought it was adorable and memorable so I had to capture it as part of Rita and Michol’s wedding story. After all, some of the time their back was to all the fun and they missed it. The last photo is of their departure from the reception. I can’t wait to share the rest…soon…


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