Ella and Marshall

It turned out to be a chilly afternoon for my session with Ella and Marshall. We weren’t ready for it after 90 degree weather earlier this week; so we had to work fast before our noses turned red! It’s a good thing Allison put them in those cute layers with jackets!

I met Allison years ago when I photographed Ella as a toddler. There are just some people you like immediately and know you will become friends. Allison was one of those people for me. Life got a little crazy when we each had another baby and we didn’t see each other for a little while. Then a few years later our paths crossed again when Ella and my daughter were taking tennis lessons together…and that’s when our boys met. [insert the theme song to the Super Friends] The two super heroes would spend their entire time at the tennis court running around in their Batman and Superman capes chasing villains and saving the world. They’ve been big buddies ever since.

I’m always excited when I get to photograph my kids’ friends. Maybe it’s because they are easier to do than my own kids, yet I still feel such a connection! 🙂 Here are some sneak peeks for Allison and Gene. Thanks for wanting me to capture them again! More images to come later…

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