John, Ann and Stewart

When Diane told me she wanted to photograph her kids in the creek near their Mountain Brook home I was thrilled! Why? First, because she told me they’ve always walked down there to play and I love for a location to hold memories and have a connection with the families I photograph! It’s a beautiful thing when that is able to happen. Secondly, because creeks always provide amazing, filtered, indirect light from the overhanging trees and reflection off the water. Thirdly, because children should just be in a creek sometimes! I take my kids to Little Shades Creek to play every spring and summer. It’s fun to splash around and skip rocks… it’s just part of being a kid! And these are some beautiful and sweet kids!

But, before we headed to the creek I snapped a few shots in front of their home…

Time to get in the creek and get our feet wet!

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