Down on the Farm with Connor, Ella and Colby

I’ve been photographing Christi and Jeremy’s kids since their oldest son, Connor, was just a baby and they lived in Birmingham. That was back in my film days, so it feels like ages ago! Shortly after our first session together they moved to Dothan, yet they’ve always come back here for me to take their pictures. I’m so honored…and quite honestly…shocked! I was still very new at my craft and the business when I photographed Connor as a baby all those years ago. Their first experience was me setting up white backdrops in front of my living room window. Their second experience was me pulling open the garage doors and setting up a backdrop and white rocking chair right inside and on a VERY windy day. Bless them! Maybe they kept coming back because at least they realized I knew where to find the pretty light! 🙂 Thank you Christi for trusting me to capture your beautiful children all of these years. They are just precious! Even though the late summer heat and humidity from pending rain paid us a visit, we had a lot of fun “down on the farm”!

Ella found some feathers and they were her treasure for the afternoon!

Peacock chasing proved to be very fun!

Goat petting was fun until one snorted at Connor! He wasn't sure what to think of it!

How cute is her little personality?!

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