A rooftop wedding at sunset [Fox 6 Vow to Wow]

Kayla and Austin won WBRC Fox 6’s Vow 2 Wow contest and their prize was a sunset wedding on the rooftop of the Fox 6 tv station with the reception afterwards at Gabrella Manor! My good friend Emily Kicklighter was chosen by Fox 6 as the photographer for the event and she asked me to come along and shoot it with her. She didn’t have to ask me twice…I love working alongside the best!

Kayla and Austin were such a sweet couple and I know they have a very bright future together as husband and wife! As I was going through the images to decide which ones to share with you, I couldn’t help but notice how they were looking at each other with such love and adoration in every single image. It made me smile! It was a day blessed with beautiful sunshine, an amazing view of the city and a breathtaking sunset of orange, blue and purple. I think God was smiling too!

And you know if there are children in the wedding then I’m following them around! This is Kayla’s niece. Adorable and huge blue eyes!
Loved this wall of Birmingham history in the Vulcan museum! What a great backdrop!

These boys had no problem finding some fun or making their own!

I shot this image sharp focus and soft focus, but I like the soft focus one much better because of the different colors showing up in the bubbles! Isn’t light amazing and magical!

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