iPhone images and my favorite photo apps

I just got back from a work/play long weekend at the beach. We went to spend time with my parents who are down there for the month; and while I was there I photographed a sweet family who lives in Watercolor (teasers to come).

Just for kicks I took a few shots on my iPhone to share with you. Do I think the iPhone camera is the best camera phone? No! Certainly not. Actually my dad’s Droid takes much better photos in comparison. But I hear and have read that the iPhone 5 camera will be much better! Even with just an okay camera phone, there are some amazing photo apps available which can turn your mediocre iPhone photos into something special! Some of my favorite apps are Snapseed, Shake it Photo, Photoshop Express, Pocketbooth, Genius, Best Camera and Hipstamatic. When using the iPhone for photos, I always use the iPhone camera then bring the images into each app to tweak, that way I can keep the original intact and save out different versions.

Remember, the best camera is the one that is with you! Don’t miss a moment because you don’t have your “good camera”. 🙂

We were washing off our feet at the hose when I shot this. I didn't realize until later that I had also gotten the parasail in there! That was a nice bonus! 😉 This image was tweaked and border added with Snapseed.
This image was tweaked with Shake It Photo to give it that old Polaroid feel.
Shake It Photo was also used on this image.
Another one with Shake It Photo...can you tell I like that app?!
Me and my shadows! 🙂 This image SOOC. Not much done to this one except a little rotation in Photoshop Express.
I loved the fuchsia colored sun flare on this one!
Remembering 9-11 with the flag at half-mast.
Remember to steady your camera for night shots. Lean it on something and hold your elbows in close to your side.
My daughter trying beignets for the first time at Great Southern Cafe in Seaside. Nothing like some beignets with a side of a mickey mouse pancake! 🙂 Vintage coloration done with Snapseed app.
Me taking a photo of our family shadow on the beach. Note to self: the closer you are to the camera for this type shot, the wider you look! 🙂
This bright yellow building in Seaside looked amazing against the vivid blue sky. SOOC image.

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