Magical Light

Photographers see everything in terms of light. I always try to look for the perfect lighting while I am photographing clients, but there are also everyday moments when I think to myself, “WOW, this is beautiful and magical light, if only I had someone with me right now to photograph!” I don’t want to let it be wasted! My kids are with me the most, so they often get placed in that light for a shot.

One afternoon we were sitting in this little beachside restaurant…you know the ones where the huge shutters are swung up revealing wide open windows overlooking the ocean. Our kids were sitting with their cousins at the table behind all the adults. We were starting to order our food, so I turned around to my daughter to talk to her and she turned around to me and THERE IT WAS!…That amazing light that shows every detail in the eyes! That perfect light was streaming in indirectly from those huge windows and I couldn’t let it go to waste. I had my camera with me sitting on the table so I told my daughter not to move and I took the shot.

I’m sharing this image with you for two reasons 1. to remind you to always have your camera with you because you never know when that perfect, magical light is going to reveal itself, and 2. to remind you to always look for indirect lighting when photographing your kids. You can usually find it on porches and standing in front of windows and doors.

Have fun looking for the magic!

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