Down by the creek bank

I had the best time photographing the Steinmetz boys in the creek a few weeks ago! It was a beautiful morning and we started early enough so there was less heat and mosquitoes to interfere with our good moods! Dr. Stephanie Steinmetz is my kids’ pediatric dentist and they LOVE her! I mean, what other dentist paints your fingernails while you are there!?! I may see if she’ll take me on as a patient. I love a good manicure! 😉

Stephanie and I were trying to decide where to photograph the boys based on their interests and ages. I was lying in the bed one night and it came to me…in the middle of the night (it’s when I do my best thinking)! These boys love the outdoors and spent a lot of time at an adventure camp this summer so why not a creek?

We all had fun on this little photographic adventure and stayed cool in the shaded creek water. Perfect for an August Alabama session!

Stephanie had her camera with her on the bank of the creek, and she took a few shots of me working with the boys. Yes, I'll do most anything for a good shot!

We also did a few classic shots before we got wet!

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