Dad’s Vintage Truck

I posted two teasers to my blog the day I photographed this session. Now that I’m finished editing, I thought I would post some more favorites from my afternoon with this family.

Amber asked me to photograph her two boys, Wood and Reid, as a surprise for her husband Mayo for Father’s Day. She wanted me to photograph the boys in Mayo’s vintage truck. Great idea! Loved it! But then I got even more excited when she told me the story behind the idea. The truck belonged to a woman that was like family to Mayo and helped raise him. She is now over 100 years old. Because the truck held a lot of memories for him, Mayo decided to restore it. He did an amazing job! And I LOVE that it’s blue!

I kept thinking to myself, “Now THAT is the kind of photo prop I love! One that is meaningful, has sentimental value and is like part of the family…one that helps define who they are…something unique that you won’t see in anyone else’s images.” At our session, Amber mentioned to me that she is planning to send some of the photos to this special woman who was the previous owner of the truck. I love that my photos will be keeping them connected since she lives in Florida. These images represent a part of Mayo’s past as a boy, that is now a part of his future with his own boys!

The day of our session, Amber got a little nervous about driving the priceless truck to our location, so she told Mayo about the surprise so he could drive it there. We were glad he came along for the fun and was able to jump in a few shots with the family!

How cute are Wood and Reid in their denim overalls!

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