The Engle Family

Meet the Engles. Anthony and I knew each other from Homewood High School; then when Anthony was in dental school, he and Carrie lived in the apartment above Brad and me in Southside. My husband and I still laugh about that apartment because it was a 2 BR, 1 BA with an amazing view of downtown (and the fireworks at Vulcan on the 4th of July), hardwood floors and you could paint it like you wanted it. All this charm for the outstanding price of $460 a month! Great for newlyweds saving for a house! And quite often all we had to do was look out our window to see something interesting or entertaining coming up the mountain from a night in Southside. 😉 We have good memories from that little apartment…and some good stories too! Years later, Carrie and I would again reconnect with our children at the same preschool.

I photographed Carter and Chloe when they were much younger so I was thrilled when Carrie asked me to photograph them again with their little brother Cade! I wanted to approach this session with the Engle family as they are — fun and relaxed. So, when all Cade could think about was playing on the red caboose, that’s exactly where we started. Here are a few of the images from our afternoon together. What a beautiful and sweet family!

Carter and Cade found two sticks and it was time for a sword fight, of course! 😉

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