The O’Neal Family

What a precious family! This was my first time to meet the O’Neals even though Michael is my State Farm agent! I just recently switched to him and after a few emails about our session, his wife Summer and I made the connection and had a little chuckle about it being a small world. Summer and I also discovered that we have mutual friends from our Briarwood connection and she proceeded to tell me that she had prayed for my daughter when she was four and had a health scare. Well, when someone tells you they have prayed for your child that means more than anything anyone could ever say, especially when at that time she was a complete stranger! What a sweet blessing.

It was a very busy day at Botanical Gardens! Pelham High School was there taking prom pictures, so it was all I could do not to have a hot pink formal dress in the background of our shots! 🙂 This is a beautiful family and the kids are so sweet! I had a great time spending the afternoon with them.

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