A boy and a creek

I don’t usually post a lot of images of my own kiddos on my blog; but today I decided to post a few as a reminder that the images we take of our kids don’t have to always be planned out or orchestrated in the perfect setting. It’s the everyday moments and stories that are fun and important to capture…wherever they unfold!

This afternoon my little boy begged me to go play in our neighborhood creek. It was a beautiful afternoon and I couldn’t think of a good reason to say no, so off we went. I grabbed my camera because the light near the creek is always beautiful since it is mostly filtered though the trees; and my little boy is spunky and adventurous, so he’s always giving me good material to shoot! 😉 Unfortunately my daughter was still at school or she would have been part of the fun too.

He crossed that creek back and forth, jumped rocks, threw sticks and rocks and tried to splash me. He was getting completely wet and dirty in his good clothes, but I decided who cares! They’ll wash! Next year he will be in kindergarten every single day and I will miss these opportunities to be with him one-on-one, just playing.

While we were out there I thought of Grammie, who would have gotten such a kick out of him playing in the creek because his daddy used to sneak off when he was little (too little to go by himself), get in the creek and get in trouble. Like father, like son!

We all pick up our cameras for trips to Disney, dance recitals and baseball games, but we need to keep our cameras close for the small moments too…especially the small moments, because those are the ones that will fade faster from our memories.

Hugs for mommy
Kisses for mommy

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