Adorable Adelaide!

My friend Haisley and I have known each other for years. We worked together in the magazine business years ago and I remember my very first week of work at Vulcan Publishing, Haisley was the one who invited me out to lunch and made me feel welcome.

A month or so ago she asked me if I would photograph her daughter Adelaide and I happily agreed! Two of the things Haisley told me were tops on her wish list were 1) I want to capture her blue eyes and 2) I would love to have a big smile. Mission accomplished! And Adelaide was such a delight to be around! We left Mom at the gate while we walked around talking about princesses, flowers and puppies. We even threw some rocks and stuck her feet in the pond, peeled back a few rosebuds to reveal their beautiful petals, and of course, twirled! My favorite part though, was her singing the song from Sleeping Beauty!

More images to come, but I wanted Haisley to see a few before I left to go out of town for sessions this weekend. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Adelaide, and her blue eyes own me!

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