Ethan and Asa

Yesterday was just beautiful! A perfect day for shooting! I was so happy to spend my afternoon with Terrie and Mark and their super cute boys Ethan and Asa. Well, actually the boys and I left their parents behind to enjoy some peace and quiet at Aldridge Gardens while we explored…and wrestled…and chased…and climbed trees…and splashed in the creek.

Terrie and I originally met when she started coming to my spin class last year; and after talking, we both realized our oldest kids are at the same school. This year, Ethan and my daughter were put in the same class! I always think it’s need to see how God orchestrates the circumstances to meet the friends we have in our lives!

Here are some images from our session together. These boys are all about some fun!

Asa kept wanting to make faces, so my philosophy was..."If you can't beat em, join em!" We made lots of faces!

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