A Big Day for My Dad

You all know that I document my life in pictures as it happens. I guess it’s my way of journaling and how I process things. Photographs automatically recover memories and feelings for me…much more quickly than my mind would be able to find them! So today, I took a photo of my dad on his very last day of work at American Cast Iron Pipe Co. (ACIPCO). Why? Because this was not just a place of work for my dad, he also saw it as a place of relationship building and ministry. I also took this picture because I kinda grew up there too, and I have so many fond memories of going to visit him in his office and pulling out all of his cool mechanical pencils and drawing gadgets to play with. Oh and there was Eagan Day, where we went to tour the plant with all of its fiery furnaces, loud noises and smells of iron and coal, while getting ice cream sandwiches along the way! I loved that!

My dad would not want me to blog about him like this, in fact, he will probably be embarrassed; but today was a momentous day for our family so I wanted to journal it in my way. You see, today was my Dad’s 66th birthday and the day he retired from the company he has worked for since he graduated from college. That is completely unheard of in this day and time, but that’s kinda how my dad does things….completely level headed, quietly determined and incredibly loyal. But then again, ACIPCO is a very easy company to be loyal to. The founder, John Eagan, believed in building a company on Christian principles and following The Golden Rule. He even made every employee a beneficiary owner of the company. Year after year, Fortune magazine consistently ranks ACIPCO as among the top “100 Best Companies to Work for in America”. My dad believes in ACIPCO, what it stands for, the leadership of the company and the employees that work hard to make it successful. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard my dad talk of John Eagan’s vision for the company and how it’s affected his life. And because my dad loved where he went to work every day, it also affected mine.

Thanks Dad for working hard to provide for our family, for never being ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for living out what you believe and for loving me unconditionally.  Happy Birthday and Happy Retirement! Keep running the race and “making it count”! You ARE “the real deal”. I’m so proud of you and I love you!

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  1. That just might be the sweetest, kindest, most endearing thing I’ve ever read! And…what makes it even more special is that I know it’s true…it comes from your heart! I can only hope and pray that our children say these things about us in 20 years…yes…20 years…that’s so soon!!! I’ve never realized how quickly time is passing us by until lately…and boy do I want to go out with a bang and my children saying exactly the same things you are saying about your precious father and the company he worked for! What a blessing! What a testimony! We’ve got such wonderful examples of this in our lives as well and I’m so very thankful!! I never want to take it for granted!!!! Thanks for sharing this special and momentous occasion with all of us!!! I loved it, Heather!!!

  2. Your Dad has character and humility, which seem to be lacking in so many people today… he is a wonderful man and his Christian faith also sets him apart… actions speak louder than words and his certainly have. Our own children speak so highly of your Dad (and Mom) and I thank them for the love and care they have given to our family too. Thank you, Heather, for writing a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to your Dad. God bless him and your Mom as they enter this new life in retirement… very happy for them.

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