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  1. Wow! I love it! Want to come design mine? It is worse than your before pictures! Would love my schoolroom/ office to look so organized! Great work!

  2. Heather…

    I love it… even though I am still laughing at the before pictures! Olivia and Luke’s space is wonderful… and you are teaching them about taking care of it at the same time. Your office looks great and that we share our favorite color… you have noticed my master bedroom and bath? Now you have inspired me to actually make the decision about long window treatments among other stuff in there… thanks so much for sharing!
    Love you,

  3. Heather, Oh my goodness!! I love looking at your blog and your beautiful pictures and could not wait to see what you had done to your office. LOVE IT!!! I can not believe you got that office put together as quick as you did. This is a total makeover!! Loved seeing you and Jennifer in Atlanta that time. How many times have you been back to Ikea since? Too many for me to mention! I could go crazy in there. Have to go back in a couple of weeks- my daughter’s playroom is my next project and next up- my office! I love yours! Where did you get the light blue boxes? And aren’t those gray ones from Ikea? I think I recognize them from there. Love those 2 together. Anyway, just wanted to tell my Ikea soulmate I think it looks GORGEOUS!!

    1. Hey Laurie! Thank you for your sweet comments. I’m really happy in my new office! To answer your questions, the gray and white graphic print boxes and files are from The Container Store in Buckhead (also online). The light turquoise files and boxes are from http://www.seejanework.com. Pick up the latest copy of Alabama Baby and Child magazine. There is a four page article about my office makeover. Thanks again for your interest! You and I could do some serious damage together at Ikea. Would love to see what you’ve done too! I’m sure it’s fabulous. 🙂

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