The Miller Family

75 degrees and sunshine! Mandy and I had been waiting on this day for 2 months! I have photographed these precious children many times, but it was Tucker’s time to shine since he is the youngest. He was overdue for his formal portraits and we were just waiting on the weather to cooperate… and finally it did! What a sweet family and beautiful children.

Mary Virginia just loves taking ballet. She wanted to twirl and dance a lot for me.

Throughout our entire session, Mary Virginia kept asking me if it was time for her to put on her pink ballerina outfit because her Mommy told her she could put it on when our session was over. Here she is proudly showing it to me! Her mom told me that she wears it every day, so I just had to capture her in it. Those precious days of playing dress up are too quickly gone.
What an adorable ballerina!

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